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Monthly Archives: October 2012

St Paul MN Carpal Tunnel Chiropractic Treatments

Repetitive strain injuries are the nation’s most common and costly occupational health problem, affecting hundreds of thousands of American workers, and costing more than $20 billion a year in workers’ compensation. Unlike falling off a ladder, an auto injury, slipping and falling, or injuries due to lifting heavy objects, these types of injuries can develop over time.

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Chiropractic Care For Sports Injury

The importance of chiropractic care for athletes has grown in recent years.  More and more, athletic departments and sports organizations have realized the benefit of chiropractic care for their athletes’ injuries.  Many world class and Olympic athletes, as well as professional stars and teams, have retained sports chiropractors to provide care. Did you know that even many athletes at the 2012 Olympics utilize chiropractic care?

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St Paul MN Sports Injury Chiropractic Treatment

Yes, it’s football season, and already everyone’s counting the days until the Super Bowl. Football is an American tradition, but all that sweat and glory can leave a host of sports related injuries in its wake. Because of the dynamic and high collision nature of the sport, these injuries range from bruises and muscle strains and sprains, to fractures, head injuries and concussions.

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Work Injury | Repetitive Strain Injury

Workers’ Compensation covers any injuries that are sustained while on the job, leaving the job, or going to the job. In addition to this, workers’ compensation also covers any injuries that occur because of repetitive motion on the job.

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Chiropractic Relief For Injured Workers MN

If you think workers’ compensation issues are unlikely to affect you because your job is not physically demanding, think again. According to OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration), repetitive strain injuries are the most common and costly of work-related injuries and can affect people whose work habits run the gamut in physical demands. They cost more than $20 billion per year in workers’ compensation and affect hundreds of thousands of Americans.

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October is National Chiropractic Month! Have Your Spine Checked Today!

This fall, chiropractors across the country will highlight ways you can feel your best every day, regardless of your age, occupation or fitness level, during National Chiropractic Health Month in October. This year’s theme—“Find Your Game”—focuses on how everyone can take steps toward optimal health, wellness and functioning.

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