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Monthly Archives: January 2013

Chiropractic Tips For A Healthy Lifestyle

Making resolutions and setting new goals is a great way to start afresh, but change, particularly big change, is hard.  It can be really difficult to kick out old habits. As the stats show, nearly 80 percent of the people who made New Year’s Resolutions have already given up. And, in another few weeks, half of the people left will have forgotten all about it as well.

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New Year’s Resolution Statistics

Top 10 New Year’s Resolutions for 2013

New Years Resolution Statistics

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St Paul MN Chiropractic Treatment | Whiplash and Auto Accident Injuries

Although whiplash is most frequently the result of a rear-end collision, in almost three-quarters of all side-impact crashes, an injury was reported. Whiplash can occur in several other situations. Whiplash can also be the result of a sport injury from football, gymnastics and many contact sports.

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Chiropractic Treatments MN | Health & Wellness

During the summer, when the sun is shining and a warm breeze calls you outdoors, it’s easy to keep up with your walking or running schedule. But as soon as the weather gets chilly, it seems many people have a hard time fitting in enough exercise.  You may find yourself hibernating indoors and doing all you can to avoid going out in the blustery weather. 

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Enhance Your Mood NATURALLY!

Everyone has times when they are just not feeling up to par.  Stress, not enough sleep and too much time inside can cause a person to begin to feel sad, frustrated or fatigued.  But there are a few easy ways to help enhance your mood and energy naturally like eating right, getting enough sleep, exercising and having more fun in life!

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Chiropractic Tips To Shovel Snow Safely

Snow shoveling is more than just another necessary household chore. If you live in Minnesota, it is a necessary evil. It happens every winter in the Midwest: Snow falls, usually leaving piles of the stuff to clear from your sidewalks and driveway. Consider the following before you grab your shovel after a major snowfall.

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Minnesota Chiropractor St Paul MN

At Caron Chiropractic, P.A., you are treated as more than just another patient. We are dedicated to helping you to live a life in optimal health and complete freedom from pain. Why not ring in the New Year with a visit to our office for a spinal checkup!

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