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Monthly Archives: February 2013

Winter Wellness Part 2

Some days in the midst of winter, it feels like we’re never going to see the sun again. With an average of nine hours of daylight during the winter months (compared to about 15 hours during the summer), most folks in Minnesota are not getting the sun exposure required for sufficient levels of Vitamin D between October to March.

Continued from Part 1 of Chiropractic Tips For Winter Wellness

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Winter Wellness Part 1

The winter months can be long and dreary, the skies are gray and it’s too cold to leave your bed, but there are some simple, effective steps you can take to support your immune system and guard against any sniffles or coughs.

What things can I do to support my immune system this winter?

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Have you heard that laughter is the best medicine?  That question may have elicited a chuckle from your doctor once, but today, your physician may advise you to up your daily dose of laughter to improve your health. Psychologists studying the science of happiness believe that practicing certain positive behaviors like laughter can bring the pleasure, engagement and meaning that comprise happiness [source: Jameson].

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