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Unless you have actually experienced acupuncture in the past, it’s hard to understand the real results and benefits to what this treatment really provides. At Caron Chiropractic, our knowledgeable experts hope to not only talk about the real benefits of acupuncture, but also show you some true results. For now, here are our top five benefits of acupuncture that we see daily with our patients.

Top 5 Benefits of Acupuncture

  • Natural and Safe – At Caron Chiropractic, we believe in providing safety for our patients first and foremost. Our trained and licensed acupuncturist, Dr. Timothy Graff, is extremely knowledgeable in acupuncture treatments and has been utilizing acupuncture in conjunction with chiropractic care for many years. Acupuncture is an all natural treatment meaning that the tiny, hair-like needles, are used to aid and stimulate your body to heal itself.
  • Improves Chronic Pain – People who have been seeking other treatment methods for years are happily surprised to note that acupuncture proves to be more effective than many other medical treatments for chronic pain. There have been numerous research studies to support the efficacy of acupuncture when it comes to chronic pain and ultimately, they conclude that acupuncture is an effective treatment option for those suffering with chronic pain.
  • Treating Diseases and Disorders – While pain seems to be the number one reason why people choose to try acupuncture, there are a wide amount of diseases and disorders that are alleviated through acupuncture treatments. Insomnia, Parkinson’s, arthritis, migraines, polycystic ovary syndrome, pregnancy related symptoms, carpal tunnel, and so many more conditions and disorders can be helped and alleviated through chiropractic care.
  • Holistic Care – At Caron Chiropractic, we believe in treating your body as an entire entity. We promote full body wellness and acupuncture has a great way of providing that for you. Acupuncture treatments are a natural and holistic way to heal your body and promote wellness from your head to your toes.
  • Ease of Treatment – While acupuncture may seem like an intimidating treatment option, the treatment itself is said to be incredibly relaxing. When you arrive at our Caron Chiropractic office, we will take inventory of your needs and discuss how acupuncture can specifically help you. Dr. Graff is thorough and will explain our process in a quiet and comfortable room. The needles used for the procedure are tiny and hair-like, rarely associated with any pain at all. Most patients come out of treatment feeling calm and relaxed.
  • There are so many benefits to acupuncture treatments at Caron Chiropractic. For more information, please give us a call today at (651) 255-9999.

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