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A headache can quickly turn a smooth day into a bad one. Whether you deal with headaches on a daily basis or just a few times a month, having to rely on headache medication for relief may not be your best solution. Rather than continuing to let headaches hold you down when they occur, it’s time to pursue other headache relief options at your fingertips. At Caron Chiropractic, we are here to help individuals achieve long lasting headache relief naturally. Located on the corner of Snelling Avenue S and Randolph Avenue in St Paul, Minnesota, headache relief is just a phone call away.

Long Lasting Headache Relief

Headache medication only provides temporary relief that helps you with that particular headache that is causing you pain. This medication does nothing to prevent headaches from occurring again in the future. Thanks to our natural headache relief services, our medical professionals are able to help our clients achieve long lasting headache relief. Our two primary treatment plans focused on natural headache relief include the following:

Chiropractic Care – Your body not being in proper alignment could have a direct impact on the severity and frequency of your headaches. Our chiropractors can perform chiropractic adjustments and manipulations that are designed to get your spine and rest of the body back into proper alignment. In turn, the pressure and tension that your body is experiencing will be reduced and oftentimes your headaches will reduce or subside. ● Massage Therapy – One of the best ways to experience natural relief from an existing headache or to help keep them from occurring as frequently is by engaging in massage therapy. Our experienced massage therapists focus on your muscular, nervous, circulatory, immune and lymphatic systems to help bring natural relief from your headaches. Whether it is a deep tissue massage, soft tissue massage or even a Swedish massage, our staff is sure to have a massage that works well for you.

Your Weapon Against Headaches

Every patient that enters our doors is different. What causes headaches for one of our patients could be totally different than what causes headaches for another, so it is critical that our staff gets a true understanding of what your headaches are stemming from. We will take as much time as necessary to determine these triggers and will come up with a personalized treatment plan that can become your weapon against your debilitating headaches.

At Caron Chiropractic, we love to hear the wonderful stories from our patients regarding how much better their headaches have gotten after utilizing our all-natural headache relief treatment options. If you are in the St. Paul, MN area, give our team a call today to schedule your appointment. Achieving headache relief naturally can be accomplished by calling us at (651) 255-9999 or emailing

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