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When we think about the many things our body does on a daily basis, healing itself is one of the most incredible features. Caron Chiropractic can help support areas of your body that may be injured, tired, sore, anxious, stiff or seems to be failing. Our staff can help you achieve optimal health and help your body reach its full potential. Acupuncture is one safe and effective treatment option that illustrates the magnificence of the human body’s design and the development of treatments that fill in the gaps when the body is unable to heal itself fully and completely.

Acupuncture is an ancient treatment. In fact, it dates back about three thousand years to processes developed by the Chinese. Many of those practices are still used today. Over time, with advances in knowledge and in technology, acupuncture became more modernized, but it is still amazing to realize that a medical practice that began all those years ago remains an important component in our healthcare. Despite this, we find that many of our clients hang on to the misperception that it is a painful treatment option. It is not. The needles that are inserted into the skin are so fine that many people report not being able to feel them at all. Those who do feel them are more likely to have the sensation of light tingling, but rarely if ever do they cause real pain. When a client of Caron Chiropractic comes to us with some reluctance about acupuncture treatment, they often quickly shift their thinking.

Non-invasive Treatment Options To Help Body Heal Itself

The process of inserting acupuncture needles at strategic points does not replace the human body’s self-healing capacity. Instead, acupuncture only enhances that power. For reasons that are often specific to the individual, the body’s ability to heal itself may not always be able to keep pace with the cause or causes of the ailment. What is most impressive about acupuncture is that it was developed during a time in human history when most other practices were rudimentary. Acupuncture represents a great leap forward, and we are proud to offer our clients its many benefits.

It is very common that our staff will recommend the use of acupuncture in combination with other chiropractic treatments. Acupuncture is most commonly used in conjunction with chiropractic adjustments and massage therapy, and the specific combination of treatments for you will depend on the nature of the ailments you come to us with. Acupuncture is proven to help with chronic pain, headaches, arthritis, mental health issues, back pain, knee pain and even carpal tunnel syndrome.

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