Kudos To Minnesota!

Senior Health

America’s Health Rankings Senior Report shows Minnesota at the top of the list of healthiest states for older adults also.

By looking holistically at key measures related to seniors’ lifestyles, social supports, environment, clinical care and health care outcomes, we get a comprehensive picture of senior health that reflects the unique challenges of each state. Based on a rigorous review of 34 measures, the 2013 America’s Health Rankings Senior Report finds Minnesota is the leading state for senior health.

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Living Healthy For Better Quality Of Life!

Adding years and quality of life!

Regular physical activity has been found to add years to our lives (by reducing the risk of ill health number of different health conditions) and to add life to our years by improving quality of life (better mental health and improved flexibility and stamina). As research continues, the role of physical activity can be expected to receive much more attention for its role in health and well-being than it has received in years gone by.

With only a limited time to enjoy the warmer weather, when summer finally does arrive, there’s no wasting time! If you’re from Minnesota, it feels like our summers only last about 5 minutes as it is.  At least this year April never showed up and May was suspect as well, but it finally looks like we may finally get to enjoy a bit of fun in the sun! So find the time to get outdoors and exercise!


Chiropractors are committed to helping people understand how to achieve health safely and naturally. As a St Paul MN Family Chiropractor, it is my responsibility to help people live pain free and to do what it takes to stay that way by encouraging a natural, healthy lifestyle. That’s why we make it a point to emphasize education, nutritional support, and an exercise program that matches your needs, abilities and physical condition, to give the body the greatest chance of health and a fulfilling lifestyle. That is also why we use the safest, most comfortable and most effective techniques to naturally support the body and its healing process.

Have A Great Summer!