Auto Injury Chiropractic Treatment MN | Whiplash Neck and Back Injuries

There you are, driving your vehicle and WHAM! You have just been rear-ended. It all happens so fast. You think you are fine. But are you?  Some people may think their injuries are not that severe after an automobile accident because there is little or no vehicle damage. Don’t be misled by minimal damage to your car. Your body reacts much differently than glass, plastic or metal.

When a vehicle shows no damage, it DOES NOT mean there have been no injuries. Whiplash neck and back injuries can happen even after a fender bender or broken tail light and may not become apparent until months or even years after the incident has actually occurred.

No Vehicle Damage = No Injury. Right? NOT!

The concept of “No Property Damage – No Injury” is absolutely false!

Car crashes with minor vehicle damage are a little confusing; if the car wasn’t damaged much, it must have been a very minor crash, and so the occupant shouldn’t be injured.

In fact, researchers have specifically looked at this problem, and have found that there is no relationship at all between the amount of damage a car received in a crash and the amount of occupant injury.

Low-impact car accidents are usually defined as those that occur at less than 10 mph. Despite the slower speed, these accidents often cause soft-tissue injuries to drivers or passengers, regardless of the lack of vehicle damage.

Over the last few years, a great deal of progress has been made in understanding low speed whiplash injuries.

Here are the facts about low impact collisions:

  • Minor vehicle damage may mean that there was very little impact, but it also could simply mean that the vehicle was very rigid. In fact, research on low impact collisions have shown a crash with very little vehicle damage can actually be more dangerous than one with extensive damage.

Bumpers are designed to protect cars — not people!

Here’s a great video that explains how stiffer bumpers are “better” — but only for repair bills, not your neck! Click here to watch the bumper video.

(If you have trouble opening the videos, visit the IIHS site here and click on the videos link.)

Whiplash and Auto Accident Injuries

Most people recover from whiplash in just a few weeks, but some people with whiplash injuries develop chronic conditions that can be extremely painful and disabling.  They should be taken seriously, and anyone suffering from the injuries of a car accident should be seen by a physician who specializes in whiplash and other auto accident injuries.

Too often, a primary care doctor will simply prescribe pain medication and some rest, ignoring the potential severity of their patient’s symptoms following a car crash, neglecting important treatment that could save the patient from future pain and disability.

Have you been involved in an auto accident?

If you have you been injured in an auto accident and have questions about whiplash and your injury, get evaluated by a St Paul MN chiropractor today!