St Paul MN Auto Injury Chiropractic Treatment

Some people may think their injuries are not that severe after automobile accidents because it was only a fender bender. Car crashes with minor vehicle damage are a little confusing; if the car wasn’t damaged much, it must have been a very minor crash, and so the occupant shouldn’t be injured. Right?


No Vehicle Damage = No Injury.  Right?  Wrong!!!

The concept of “No Property Damage = No Injury” is absolutely false!

In fact, researchers have specifically looked at this problem, and have found that there is no relationship at all between the amount of damage a car received in a crash and the amount of occupant injury.

Here are the facts about low impact collisions:

  • Minor vehicle damage may mean that there was very little impact, but it also could simply mean that the vehicle was very rigid. In fact low impact collisions with very little vehicle damage can actually be more dangerous than one with extensive damage.
  • Bumpers are designed to protect cars — not people. Here’s a great video that explains how stiffer bumpers are “better” — but only for repair bills, not your neck! See for yourself and watch the bumper video low-speed crash test from the Insurance Institute For Highway Safety.

(If you have trouble opening the videos, visit the IIHS site here and click on the videos link.)

Most Car Bumpers Don’t Work In Low-Speed Crashes

The condition whiplash is one of the most common injuries caused by rear end accidents between automobiles, with around 2.5 million people injured in automobile accidents every year in the U.S.  Studies have shown that you can suffer neck injuries from accidents that occurred as slow as 5 miles per hour (mph). While people can be injured at this low speed, other studies have shown that most cars will not necessarily be damaged unless the collision occurs at speeds of 10 mph or higher.

Although most people consider whiplash to be an injury of the neck, the low back is also commonly injured as well.  In fact, low back pain is found in more than half of rear impact-collisions in which injury was reported, and almost three-quarters of all side-impact crashes.

The biggest challenge is to understand that a big dent does not always mean injury nor does a small dent rule out any injury. The severity of an impact cannot predict the degree of injury of a person involved in a motor vehicle accident

Anyone involved in even the most minor traffic collision should be evaluated by a Doctor who specializes in the treatment for whiplash and other auto accident injuries. Injuries following these accidents may not show up for weeks or even months and by then some of the damage sustained may be permanent.

Usually hospitals and MD’s will check vital signs, make sure there are no life-threatening conditions and release the patient with pain relief medication. Pills do not correct the damage to soft tissues and other systems that can lead to future pain. There are special chiropractic treatments for such conditions. If you are still having problems, you should see a chiropractor.