Non-Invasive Healing Techniques

Chiro Benefits MNChiropractic Health Care has been around for a very long time but has in recent years been heralded for being more effective than medication. Medical doctors have been providing more referrals to Doctors of Chiropractic for Non-invasive techniques including spinal manipulation. The Caron Chiropractic Clinic in St. Paul, MN provides an integrated approach to improved health. We have a rehab facility and a team of highly experienced Chiropractors and Licensed Therapists.

Heal Naturally With Chiropractic Care

Traditional medicine often relies on medications or surgery to relieve pain and heal injuries. Whereas Chiropractic Health Care utilizes gentle therapies that allow your body to heal naturally. Many conditions respond best to a multifaceted therapy solution. We often combine Spinal Manipulation along with Massage Therapy, Physical Therapy and Exercise for a complete treatment program.

Allow Nerves To Function At Optimum Ability

Proper spinal alignment can affect the overall health of a patient. Your brain is constantly sending messages down the spinal column through nerves. These messages are sent throughout your extremities and to your organs. A misaligned spine may cause nerves to become squeezed and less functional. Chiropractic adjustments that straighten spinal misalignment, allow the nerves to function at the optimum ability.

All-Natural Healthcare Approach

Chiropractic Care is an all-natural healthcare approach. A licensed chiropractor seeks to care for the person as a whole and not just treat the symptoms. At Caron Chiropractic Clinic we provide pain relief treatments for back pain, neck pain, headaches, whiplash and various soft tissue injuries. Our individual treatment plans and procedures can include nutritional and ergonomic advice to improve mobility and vitality.

No Potentially Addictive Pain Medications

The chiropractic holistic approach to healing may reduce a patient’s need for medications. Our society has had its share of problems related to potentially addictive pain meds and the destructive ramifications. This is one reason why a drugless method to effective pain relief has been a popular choice.

Integrated Approach To Optimum Health

Caron Chiropractic Clinic in St. Paul, MN provides an integrated approach to optimum health. Our Non-invasive therapies including spinal manipulation, allows your body to heal naturally. Chiropractic Health Care offers gentle, effective pain relief that can reduce the need for medications or surgery.

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