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Massage therapy is an integral part of the chiropractic services offered at Caron Chiropractic. Very often, our staff recommends that massage therapy be used in conjunction with chiropractic adjustments to help clients reduce the pain and discomfort they are feeling and help them achieve optimal health. Massage therapy can reduce inflammation, relax your muscles and treat all types of issues and conditions including headaches, stress, anxiety, sports injury, arthritis symptoms, and much more. Massage therapy has many positive effects on your health; it can improve your circulation, lower your heart rate, lower your blood pressure and even boost your immune system.

Massage Therapy And Chiropractic Adjustment Promote Healing

When you work with the team at Caron Chiropractic, our staff will develop a personalized treatment plan that is tailored to your unique injury, your symptoms and your health needs. We offer several different types of massages as well including deep tissue massage, myofascial release/soft tissue massages, sports massages, prenatal massages, Swedish massage and trigger point massage. So, have the knowledge and expertise to ensure that you receive the massage that will give you the best possible result and leave you feeling better.

Health and wellness are a huge focus of our chiropractic practice. We believe that we can help our clients achieve their optimal health goals without the use of pain medications or surgical intervention. Combining massage therapy and chiropractic adjustments is a highly effective treatment option that works for many of our clients. We see clients routinely or on occasion depending on the individual. We treat each and every client with professional courtesy, respect and a desire to help you heal. Chiropractic adjustments and massage therapy treat the root of your issue, rather than simply masking the pain and discomfort. Ultimately, this is a much more desirable outcome for your long-term health.

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Your body is an amazing machine, and it has the power to heal itself if given the chance. The staff at Caron Chiropractic will work with you to finally break free of the pain and discomfort that may have taken over your life. Many clients we see have battled an injury or condition for many months, sometimes years. We see it is our job to relieve that pain by treating the source of the problem. For more information on our chiropractic services including massage therapy, give us a call at 651-255-9999 or visit our clinic at 482 South Snelling Avenue in St. Paul, Minnesota.

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