Caron Chiropractic in St. Paul, MN, we frequently treat patients for carpal tunnel syndrome. While many come in for common carpal tunnel syndrome symptoms, most are unsure of what it actually is and why they are having numbness, tingling and even pain in their hands and wrist. At Caron Chiropractic, we always want to put our patients first. The sooner we can begin treatment on carpal tunnel syndrome, the more success we typically have. Phalen’s Test, also referred to as the carpal tunnel syndrome test is a simple way you can test yourself at home. If you test positive during this test or you just have general concerns, Caron Chiropractic in St. Paul, MN is only a phone call away.

Phalen’s Test

The carpal tunnel syndrome test is simple and easy to complete. In fact, it only takes one minute of your time. Your median nerve is the main nerve that runs from the forearm into the hand. Carpal Tunnel Syndrome occurs when the median nerve becomes pressed or squeezed at the wrist. The carpal tunnel is an actual small hole that allows those nerves and tendons to mass into the hand. So, when there is any inflammation that causes the nerves or tendons to swell then it can lead to obvious pain, weakness and numbness. Phalen’s sign test is a simple way to test yourself and see if there’s a problem. Below is a simple description:

1. Hold your hands together out in front of you.
2. Gently flex your wrists and allow your hands to hang down for approximately one minute.
3. If you experience any tingling, numbness, or pain within your fingers, it’s likely you have carpal tunnel syndrome.

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Treatment

If your carpal syndrome test comes back positive, consider seeking professional treatment at Caron Chiropractic. Serving St. Paul, MN, many of our patients have come in with pain and even a decreased grip strength. More importantly, they have also walked away with positive relief that was both noninvasive and successful. Carpal tunnel syndrome treatments should start with the most noninvasive options first. While many medical professionals will quickly revert to surgical methods of treatments, outcomes are always mixed and therefore, it should always be your last resort. Our chiropractors at Caron Chiropractic have successfully treated many patients with carpal tunnel syndrome in St. Paul, MN.

If you are experiencing symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome, go ahead and take the carpal tunnel syndrome test in the comfort of your own home. Then, come see us. For more information about our services here at Caron Chiropractic, give us a call today at (651) 255-9999.