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Auto Injury Physical Therapist

Auto Injury Physical TherapistAn auto accident isn’t something you can prepare for. It can happen within miles of your home or it may occur while on a trip with friends or family. While you can’t prepare for an auto accident, you can be proactive and have access to an auto injury physical therapist nearby. If you’ve recently been injured in a car accident, our auto injury physical therapists at Caron Chiropractic Clinic, P.A. are eager to help you recover naturally from this unexpected accident.

Your adrenaline is running after a car accident. You may feel like you are not injured, but the truth is that the injury symptoms could present themselves a few days or even months after the auto accident. The best way to protect yourself from any injury is to seek medical care as quickly as possible. At Caron Chiropractic Clinic, P.A., our physical therapist team focuses on auto injuries and we believe that quick treatment after an auto accident is key. If your symptoms are ignored and a medical evaluation isn’t completed, a small injury from the auto accident could lead to a much bigger injury down the road….
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Spinal Check

Spinal CheckLive or work in St Paul, MN? Concerned about the health of your spine? The spinal cord is the centerpiece that controls other parts of the body. The spine is comprised of more than 24 bones, known as vertebra, and it helps protect the spinal cord. Not only does the spine protect the spinal cord, but it also helps us with weight support and regular, every day movements such as walking. When your spine is damaged or weak, you may also notice it in other areas of your body as well. At Caron Chiropractic Clinic, P.A., we encourage you to setup a spinal check with our experienced medical professionals. We are just a phone call away and conveniently located on the corner of Snelling Avenue and Randolph Avenue in St Paul, Minnesota….
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Injury Recovery St Paul

Accidents can happen to any of us and unfortunately we are all vulnerable to falls, vehicle accidents or athletic injuries over our lifetime. Accidents are as much a part of life as taxes and snow in Minnesota. You may be dealing with a slow recovery from a fall at...

Slip & Fall Injury Recovery Chiropractor

Slip & Fall Injury Recovery Chiropractor Office St. Paul, MN | Caron ChiropracticWhen we are young and learning to walk, falling down is a normal part of life. But as we get older, we have learned to walk with greater success, making falls much more uncommon. As experienced walkers, we make the assumption that all of our attempts to transport ourselves from one location to another will be successful. That makes the surprise of a fall so jarring that it can actually be potentially dangerous. We do not expect to slip and fall, so we are unlikely to have prepared for the possibility, which can make the results of slipping and falling more problematic. We work to correct your body’s alignment because doing so helps your body heal itself. Slip-and-fall injuries tend to occur to the physical body but can have a real impact on your nervous system.