Chiropractic and KST

Chiropractic is a philosophy and healing art concerned with normalizing the condition of the nervous system by removing nerve flow blockages and disruptions caused by misplaced vertebra in the spine or any other joint in the body. Chiropractic may be used for treatment not only of the neck pain and back pain, but for prevention of disease and enhancement of our body’s natural, inborn ability to heal itself.

Back pain, neck pain, pain in the knee and shoulder, carpal tunnel syndrome – these are common and sometimes debilitating conditions that may arise from car accidents, sport or any kind of injury, muscle overuse, incorrect posture and negative thinking, or long standing stress situations .Do you know that 68% of the population suffers from back pain and 85% of Americans will suffer incapacitating low back pain in their lifetime?

Today chiropractic is the most effective method of treatment for back conditions and the satisfaction rate with chiropractic is 95%!

Chiropractic and Koren Specific Technique*

The Koren Specific Technique is a low force directional adjusting protocol.  In simpler terms it means there are no heavy manipulations, no ‘cracking sounds’ and no discomfort whatsoever.  This new method is ideal to work with all ages, from newborns to the elderly, even people with Osteoporosis or other degenerative spinal conditions.  The key to successful use of the KST method is the Arthrostim adjusting tool.

This hand held device delivers precise low force adjustments with a frequency of 12-14 light taps per second.  This frequency is also known as the Schumann resonance.  The Schumann resonance is often referred to as the earth’s background base frequency, or “heartbeat”.  To optimize healing within your body a harmonization and rhythm must be established, it has been found that the Schumann resonance is just such a healing frequency.  All this must sound a bit complicated but the main thing to remember is that Chiropractors have been getting fantastic results working with patients with all types of different conditions using a very light, very safe and most importantly a very effective technique.

Conditions That Respond Well To KST

  • All types of back and neck pain respond well.  There is no rotation or ‘cracking’ of the neck
  • Shoulder pain and arm pain respond very well
  • Sciatica (leg pain)
  • Headaches, Migraines, dizziness, sinus congestion, brain ‘fog’ and any other conditions that are caused by misalignments or restrictions in the cranial bones (the bones of the skull)
  • Hump patterns at the base of the neck, the hump pattern is extremely unhealthy, it is a lump of restricted swollen muscles and vertebrae, it is not only unsightly but can lead to health problems ranging from heart problems to breathing conditions.
  • Fatigue
  • Sleeplessness
  • ADD and ADHD and other learning disorders in children and adults
  • Colic in infants
  • Injuries from work or car accidents

Consult a Minnesota Chiropractor to learn more about the Koren Specific Technique.

*Caron Chiropractic’s doctors are not yet certified in Koren Specific Technique