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Giving birth is a two person experience. Both you and your baby got through the experience together, which means if you are feeling discomfort, chances are your little one may also be feeling some. Unfortunately, infants can’t just tell us what they’re feeling, so their cries of discomfort may never be answered, or even understood. If you have a new baby that cries often, whether it’s every time they are in there car seat, laying on their back, tummy time, reflux issues, extremely gassy or experiencing colic – we may be able to help. Caron Chiropractic Clinic, located in St. Paul and North Oaks, MN, is experienced in infant chiropractic care; there is absolutely no cracking or popping. Our infant adjustments are a gentle massage that can help correct any discomfort your baby is feeling. There is no risk, we are not invasive and your young child will experience no pain.

How do we Manually Adjust Infants?

Our licensed Doctors of Chiropractors are parents, professionals and people, just like you. We would never suggest something that we wouldn’t do for our own children. When you bring your child in for an adjustment, often when a new mother comes in for discomfort, you can ask us any questions you like:

  • We start out with looking at your child’s posture, standing up and laying down.
  • Then we gently massage the back, to see if there are any tense areas.
  • If we find any uncomfortable areas, we will tell you about them.
  • Once discussed we use a soft, vibrating pulse (by hand) to relax the area. You will be in the room and holding your baby the entire time.
  • The gentle adjustments will be performed with the baby in your arms and lying on your stomach. They will always be close to you.

Because infants are so resilient, many times one adjustment is all you need to see immediate results. But depending on the length that the discomfort has been present, we might suggest one or two more adjustments, for a healthy newborn. The birth canal is a tight squeeze, and both you and your baby felt it.

Surprising ways chiropractic care can help your baby:

  • Eliminate Constant Crying in the Car
  • Improve Reflux Issues
  • Supports Healthy Immune System
  • Strengthen Digestive System
  • Promote a Balanced Body
  • Boost Brain and Nerve Function
  • Can Help Resolve Breastfeeding Difficulties

Gentle Hands

Our gentle and corrective chiropractic approach can help relieve many issues newborns and infants are experiencing but can’t communicate. Contact us if you have more questions or would like to schedule an appointment for you or your little loved one at (651)255-9999.

Personal Experience: As a mother of an almost one year old, I experienced my son always screaming in the car – for the first 6 months of his life. I tried everything: new car seat, music, singing, soft toys, white noise and even resorted to having someone in the back seat everywhere we went…nothing helped. He would not just cry, he would scream, which was hard on him and me; a screaming baby in traffic, on highways and at stop lights made for a torturous trip, for my son and everyone else in the car.

After a couple months of nothing getting better, I resorted to staying home. Getting all we needed shipped to me and having others run errands, if they couldn’t watch him for me. I was feeling the pains of birth for longer than expected so I went to Caron Chiropractic, it was a short trip, so I figured I could bear it with my son. While there, I casually talk to Dr. Emily Dahl about our not-so-fun trip here and everywhere else. She then asked me if she could adjust him. I was a little confused but more desperate than anything (after 6 months of this).

She was very delicate with him, using just her fingers to massage 3 subluxations she had found. She applied gentle vibration while I was holding him and while he was lying on my stomach. Literally, we got in the car and he has not cried since, except for a couple minutes when he is tired. I am so relieved! My son was the opposite of most babies, he never slept in the car, always screamed and would even vomit because he got worked up so much. NOW, he sleeps in the car! He is a completely different child in the car. And all from the first adjustment, we did go back one other time, to be sure the adjustment settled. But he has been adjusted just two times and we have both benefited for 6 months! The first sign of discomfort I see again, he will be going straight to Caron Chiropractic. They have made my life so much easier, I can actually travel without pulling out my hair and crying along with my son.

I strongly urge you to see a chiropractor at Caron if your child is having difficulties in the car, or in any other place consistently. There is nothing to lose and everything to gain!

-Amber (mother of one adorable son)

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