Is Chiropractic Care Safe For Infants?

Chiropractic is safe for infants too!

Chiropractic Care For Infants

The first thing that most parents feel when they think of chiropractic for babies is fear: “Can that be dangerous for my baby?” parents ask.  What many parents forget is the degree of force and trauma that is often used during the birth process. Some studies suggest anywhere from 30-90 pounds of pressure can be used in a normal birth, and vacuum extraction and forceps can add additional stress. In comparison to the light contact adjustments used by most chiropractors who care for newborns, chiropractic care clearly appears to be much gentler. The chiropractic adjustment that most people think of with the twisting and popping is not the same adjustment that is used with newborns and infants. In fact, the amount of pressure used is comparable to the amount of pressure you could press on your closed eyelid without any discomfort.

Will my pediatrician suggest my baby get checked by a chiropractor?

This is a very important question, because we look to our pediatricians to be the experts of our baby’s health. The reason many pediatricians do not suggest that babies get checked by a Chiropractor is simply because it is not part of their training in American medical schools.

Many authorities suggest that the position of the mother coupled with the pulling from the delivering physician has a lot to do with the creation of this subluxation related problems. When the delivering mother is lying on her back she is not only working partially against gravity but she has reduced the pelvic opening size. These two factors then require the attending physician to pull harder on the head of the child. This increased pulling and twisting during the birth process, coupled with a decrease in the pelvic opening and a non alignment with gravity often set the stage for birth trauma, subluxation and the resulting problems.

Medicine’s approach is based on the inductive research of specific conditions and the associative factors related to the condition. The data is then categorized to identify the high-risk groups and activities that are considered to be causative factors. The medical approach is a mechanistic and allopathic viewpoint focused on the elimination of suffering. Medical doctors are extremely qualified to diagnose and treat disease and provide emergency first aid medical care. Their training is based on the use of medications and surgical procedures to treat and cure medical conditions.

Chiropractic’s approach is based on deductive logic of how the anatomical structure of the spinal column relates to physiological function or the expression of health. The chiropractic approach is focused on allowing for optimum expression of a person’s genetic potential. Chiropractors are trained to analyze the bio-mechanical and physiological function in order to improve a person’s growth, development and regulation of homeostasis.

Chiropractors have been stressing for years the importance of having newborns checked for vertebral subluxations. Checking the spine of an infant is painless and easy.  The importance of a developing baby being free of nerve interference from subluxation cannot be understated.  Even infants that appear healthy may have subluxations due to traumatic birth syndrome.  All babies deserve the best chance at a healthy happy life.  Babies deserve Chiropractic