Chiropractic Care for New mothersIf you’re a new mother, you’ve experienced a life change – one which is beautiful, painful and like something you could have never experienced. All of which is soo worth it but it might leave you more tired than you’ve ever been, with more than just one ache and pain, which you’ve never experienced before. Maybe your hips have some shooting pain, your neck feels stiff, your back is tense or you’ve got a headache that just won’t quit. This is all normal but that doesn’t mean because you’ve given the gift of life your body has to stay in this state of turmoil. Caron Chiropractic Clinic, located in St. Paul, MN offers chiropractic care that can help you, by correcting any imbalances that has occurred from pregnancy, birth and your new daily responsibilities.

After Birth Chiropractic Care

Caron Chiropractic specializes in gentle and corrective manual adjustments that will improve the way your body feels. Many new mothers find relief in just one adjustment and the sooner you come in, the sooner your body can get back to feeling great. You will leave our St. Paul or North Oaks Chiropractic Clinic feeling much better than when you came in. (Speaking from personal experience)

Body Changes During Pregnancy

While pregnant, your body completely changes: physical, mental and hormonal. The two predominant hormone changes are Estrogen and Progesterone.  While Estrogen is thought to be the main cause of early pregnancy nausea, Progesterone does entirely different. Progesterone is a hormone that loosens the joints, ligaments and assists in uterus growth, to safely carry a full-term, healthy baby.

All of these changes and the growth of your baby bump completely transforms your body from the inside out. Because of the weight change, your center of gravity changes too. And once you and your baby complete the birthing process, your center of gravity attempts to go back to its previous position. All of this shifting, loosening and re-tightening can result in misalignments – throughout your entire body. And our experienced chiropractors can relief your aches, stiffness, and even shooting pains. Whether they happen while laying on your side, standing strait up, sitting cross legged or any other time.

Post Pregnancy Body Ache and Pain Relief

To find relief from your post pregnancy aches and pains, get a sitter for a half an hour, take a break and come to Caron Chiropractic; we have locations in St. Paul and North Oaks, MN. There are a number of issues you’re dealing with right now, let us help you have one less. If you don’t have a sitter, we are more than happy to see your new beautiful bundle of joy, bring them with you and there will be smiling faces all around!

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