Significant Reduction In Neck Pain

Neck PainNeck pain in a very common complaint that prompts millions of visits to primary care doctors each year. This problem affects nearly three quarters of all St. Paul, MN residents at some time in their life. Clinical studies have shown that Chiropractic Care along with gentle exercises can be much more effective for relieving neck pain injury than the use of medications. Neck pain sufferers who engage in Physical Therapy or Chiropractic Adjustments at Caron Chiropractic Clinic, P.A. often see a significant reduction in neck pain and no harmful side effects. Over the counter or prescription medications mask the pain instead of treating the cause of the pain.

Types Of Neck Pain Improved With Chiropractic Care

Chronic or acute neck pain can be caused by several different conditions. Not all types of neck pain can be successfully treated with non-surgical chiropractic care. It is important to seek out an experienced Dr. of Chiropractic Care to properly diagnose the source of your neck pain and recommend a course of gentle treatments.

Here are several persistent neck pain conditions that have had improvement through chiropractic treatments at Caron Chiropractic Clinic, P.A.

  • Whiplash Symptoms
  • Degenerative Joint Syndrome
  • Some Cervical Disc Injuries
  • Sprained or Strained Neck

Questions Asked During Chiropractic Neck Exam

During a chiropractic exam for a neck injury you will be asked several questions regarding your neck pain. One of our Licensed Chiropractors will also conduct a physical examination. He or she will be looking at your posture, range of motion, and note any movements that cause you pain. It may be necessary to do x-rays or other diagnostic testing.

  • When did you first notice your neck pain?
  • What treatments or medications have you tried to alleviate the pain or stiffness in your neck?
  • Does the pain travel or radiate to any other areas?
  • Has anything reduced the symptoms or made them worse?

Treatments For Neck Pain Injuries

After a proper diagnosis of your neck injury has been completed, we will prescribe an individualized treatment plan. Effective therapy techniques for the relief of neck pain may include Adjustment of the Cervical Bones of the Neck, Physical Therapy, Massage Therapy and Ergonomic Adjustments. It is important to treat the source of the neck pain and avoid scar tissue build up.

Gentle Therapy Techniques To Relieve Neck Pain

Caron Chiropractic Clinic, P.A. in St. Paul, MN has had great success in the treatment of Neck Pain and associated symptoms. We utilize gentle therapy techniques to relieve neck pain, increase mobility and reduce inflammation. Your individual treatment plan may include Chiropractic Adjustments, Physical Therapy, Massage Therapy or other noninvasive therapies. We use all-natural treatments that do not include medications that may mask the symptoms without treating the actual cause of your neck pain and stiffness.

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