Why Choose Chiropractic Care?

Chiropractic TreatmentAre you feeling out of balance? You don’t feel 100% but you can’t quite pinpoint exactly why? Chiropractic Care can help bring your body to optimal health. Everyday takes its toll; from heavy lifting to growing pains, uncomfortable mattress to simply just poor posture, all of these instances and many more directly affect your spine. Caron Chiropractic, located is St. Paul, MN and also in North Oaks, MN knows the importance of spine health and how to get your entire body back in-line. We offer hands-on, drug-free, non-invasive treatments that offer effective results, instantly!

Importance of the Spine?

The spine is the body’s main support and has multiple, intricate functions that are required and relate directly to the entire body. The spine is also known as a backbone. When searching for similar descriptions of the word ‘backbone’ you will find some of the following: determination, stamina, tenacity, spunk, hardihood. These words describe all necessary attributes needed, in order to exceed over and above a level of normalcy and the same can be said about the functions of your own backbone.

Why settle for regular when you can feel even better?!

A human spine is divided into three sections and the upper most point of the spine starts at the neck and it continues all the way down to the pelvic bone. A spine is made up of vertebrae (movable bones), each vertebrae has its own specific function to a part of the body. Vertebrae are all uniquely specialized for movement, weight bearing support and shock absorption.

Sections of the Spine:

  • Cervical Spine – Neck and Upper Back
  • Thoracic Spine – Mid Back
  • Lumbar Spine – Lower Back

Your spine houses many important aspects of your body and is a key factor in regulating involuntary body functions throughout your entire body. So, you can image that if any part of your spine is out-of-line your bodily functions will suffer. There are 24 moving bones in the spine, also known as vertebrae and when any one of those bones are misaligned the symptoms can vary from a simple back ache, to a frequent headache and some damages can become permanent if left untreated.

Chiropractic Treatment St. Paul MN

Spinal Manipulation is a major portion of chiropractic treatment, this is the hands-on correcting of the vertebrae alignment. Our Doctors of Chiropractic are licensed, experienced and know how to effectively correct your spine, leading to a better overall well-being and function.

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