Holistic Healing Approach

Chiropractor Care MNA chiropractic physician approaches healthcare differently than a traditional medical doctor. We have a Holistic Healthcare Approach that focuses on healing without the use of drugs or surgery. The licensed doctors of chiropractic at Caron Chiropractic Clinic in St. Paul, MN believe that illness and disorders are evidence that a body is out of balance. Contributing factors of the imbalance can include physical or emotional habits, dietary and exercise issues or genetic predisposition. Spinal manipulation and physical therapy are two effective tools used to restore physical balance.

Keeping Your Body Healthy

A Licensed Doctor of Chiropractic Care strives to restore your body to balance and improved health. Our techniques include noninvasive spinal manipulations, massage therapy, physical therapy, Acupuncture and other all-natural therapies. Chiropractic helps to train your body for self-care. This natural approach to healing can enable a person to take charge of their health. A body in balance is better equipped to fight off disease and painful conditions.

Finding The Best Chiropractor

When looking for the best chiropractor for your health issues there are important factors to consider. Make sure that the chiropractor that you choose offers the best treatments to relieve your pain and restore your body to a healthy state.

  1. Is your chiropractor a Licensed Doctor of Chiropractic?
  2. Does he or she have extensive experience in diagnosing spinal and soft tissue disorders and successfully treating issues such as yours?
  3. Do you feel that your chiropractor really listens when you are describing the type of issues that you are having?
  4. Do they answer all of your questions in a way that you can understand?
  5. How long your licensed Doctor of Chiropractic Care been in practice?
  6. Is your chiropractor friendly and welcoming?
  7. Does your chiropractic clinic offer a variety of techniques and therapies focused on helping you to heal?
  8. Will your chiropractor educate and support you on maintaining a healthy lifestyle going forward?
  9. Is your chiropractic clinic well respected within their community?
  10. 10.  Does this chiropractic clinic accept your insurance plan?

Experienced Chiropractic Care

Licensed Doctors of Chiropractic at Caron Chiropractic Clinic, P.A. have been providing experienced chiropractic care for over 20 years. We are committed to being the best chiropractic clinic for our patients’ needs. To this end, we offer a variety of proven therapies within our holistic healthcare approach. Our patients receive individualized treatments including spinal manipulation, laser therapy, massage therapy and acupuncture.

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