Chiropractic Near MeCaron Chiropractic is a trusted chiropractic near me, offering an integrated approach to your therapeutic treatment for those in the St. Paul and North Oaks, MN area. We are a part of your community, and our commitment to health and wellness will be evident when you schedule an appointment with our staff.  If you have suffered an acute injury—such as in a car accident, a fall at work, or a sports injury—it will likely be clear that you need regular chiropractic treatment for a period of time. If you are dealing with a more chronic kind of problem, Caron Chiropractic may recommend regular chiropractic visits to ensure that the progress you are making in the short-term has a better chance of preventing the problem from returning in the long-term.

Integrated Approach to Improving your Health

Caron Chiropractic provides not just good chiropractic health care but also excellent health maintenance.  That is the greatest benefit of regular chiropractic visits.  In addition to our chiropractic treatment, we offer massage therapy, acupuncture, exercise therapy, physical therapy and rehabilitation solutions at both of our clinics. Our team works to create an individualized treatment plan that will relieve your pain and help you recover from your injuries in the shortest time possible. Combining chiropractic adjustments with massage and/or exercise or rehab therapy offers a comprehensive approach to your health care which can yield more positive results.

Treatments such as spinal adjustment may first be associated with acute care, but spinal adjustments are also great for maintaining healthy posture and preventing pain from returning.  Massage therapy provides immediate relaxation and relief of stress.  In turn, you can feel more relaxed and free of stress which can strengthen your immune system and can give you more energy.  Acupuncture is also an excellent source of healing for acute chiropractic problems, but acupuncture is an even better long-term health treatment.  The ancient art of acupuncture is steeped in science.  Acupuncture helps the body release energy that is causing inflammation and encourages the body to heal itself.

Affordable Chiropractic Care Often Covered by Insurance

Whether done individually or in combination with one another, these integrative treatments can be powerful sources of long-term health and well-being.  Regular chiropractic treatment at our clinic is also affordable.  Caron Chiropractic works hard to ensure that we offer competitive pricing so that our clients can focus on the health benefits of their regular scheduled visits.  Moreover, very often visits to Caron Chiropractic are often covered by insurance.  Our team can even help you file with your provider.

To schedule an appointment at either our St. Paul or North Oaks office, call (651) 255-9999 or email