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Treating Physical Changes During Pregnancy

With as many as 50% to 80% of women experiencing pain during pregnancy it is important to know that Chiropractic Care can help. You will want to find a Licensed Doctor of Chiropractic who has experience and training in the unique physical changes that occur during pregnancy. Caron Chiropractic Clinic treats pregnant women at our St. Paul, MN clinic. We can do weekly spinal and pelvic adjustments that will bring you back into proper alignment and ease pain. Our therapies may also include exercise and massage therapy along with nutritional and ergonomic counseling.

Pain Symptoms While Pregnant

A woman’s body goes through many changes during pregnancy. Any of these physiological and endocrinological changes can lead to increased pain as her body prepares for the developing baby. Pregnant women seek help for pain in several different areas.

  • Low Back Pain
  • Neck Pain
  • Rib Pain
  • Headaches
  • Sciatica
  • Joint Pain

Tips For Reducing Pain During Pregnancy

There are many contributing factors that can cause pain and discomfort during a pregnancy. Physical Changes such as Weight Gain, Protruding Belly, Relaxing Ligaments, Postural Changes, Pelvic Changes, and Center of Gravity Change create a recipe for pregnancy pain.

  • Chiropractic Spinal Adjustments bring the body back into proper alignment and balance. This allows the nervous system to communicate more efficiently and the body to move more naturally.
  • Pelvic Adjustments can allow more room for the baby to develop and prepare for delivery.
  • Forego the High Heels and Flip Flops during pregnancy. Instead choose footwear that offers comfort and good support.
  • Bend Your Knees While Lifting to prevent strain on your back.
  • Maintain a Healthy Diet that is Low in Sodium. Your baby requires additional nutrients from your body that should come from fruits, vegetables and lean protein. Excess Sodium can lead to inflammation and pain due to water retention.
  • Good Posture while walking, standing, sitting and sleeping reduces stress on your body. Try sleeping on your side with a pillow placed between your knees to relieve pressure on your lower back.

Safe And Effective Pain Relief For Pregnant Women

Caron Chiropractic Clinic, P.A utilizes safe and effective therapies that provide Pain Relief for Pregnant Women. Our licensed Doctors of Chiropractic offer all-natural treatments that focus on the unique physical changes that occur during pregnancy. Spinal Adjustment and Pelvic Adjustments combined with lifestyle changes can reduce pain and discomfort such as Low Back Pain, Headaches, Neck Pain and Joint Pain.

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