Chiropractic Treatment And More In 2022The staff at Caron Chiropractic believes in the effectiveness of chiropractic treatment for conditions like back pain, headaches, auto accident injuries, sports injuries and other chronic pain. We offer chiropractic treatment plans that will help reduce pain, increase range of motion and improve your overall health. But our treatment does not stop there. We also believe in the importance of comprehensive treatment of pain and injury, so we also have added physical therapy, massage and a rehabilitation exercise program to help you achieve your optimal health.

Integrative Approach To Pain Relief And Injury Treatment

Natural treatment options are ideal for patients who are looking for long term relief. Relying on pain medication for pain relief can create a cyclical problem – you feel pain and take medications to relieve the pain, and then the pain returns and you need more medication. Over time, you need more and more pain medication to ease the pain and, the truth is, very often with underwhelming results, especially since you are basically just masking the pain and not actually treating the injury.

A personalized treatment plan that includes a combination of chiropractic treatment, massage therapy and rehabilitation exercise that can actually treat the issue at the source, rather than simply masking the pain and discomfort. In addition to this being better for your overall health, it also means that you are less likely to suffer additional injury or re-aggravate a previous injury. Our staff spends time listening to your story, getting to know you and your daily life so that we can develop a treatment plan that works for you. Chiropractic adjustments and massage therapy will reduce the pain, treat the injury and the exercises we recommend will help strengthen areas of vulnerability so that you reduce the likelihood of future injury.

Experienced Minnesota Chiropractor

We accept health insurance and can answer questions you may have about filing your claims. If you choose to pay for treatment yourself, we offer affordable rates and payment plans so that you never have to compromise on your health. We value our clients and run our clinic efficiently so that you can get in and out on time. We stay current on all treatments we offer and can answer any questions you have about our recommendations and how your body will respond.

You do not have to live with pain or a nagging injury. Let the team at Caron Chiropractic help you get back to feeling your best. Call us at 651-255-9999 for an appointment.