Auto Injury Chiropractic Treatment St Paul MN

The summer is over. The kids are back in school. There is still some awesome weather ahead before the snowflakes start flying.  Autumn in Minnesota is a treasured time with the nice weather, and beautiful fall colors. Call me crazy, but I like this time of year. It averages 72 degrees – perfect to enjoy the great outdoors. And Minnesota has a lot of fun places to go and a lot of ways to get there… cars, motorcycles and everything else. Unfortunately when we hit the road some of us hit each other.

Accidents are accidents… you can’t plan for them — they just happen! People have car accidents all the time. Sometimes drivers get into small accidents – fender benders in a parking lot, 5 MPH
accidents at a stop light, etc., and they wind up thinking nothing of it. They get into a seemingly inconsequential accident, look over their own vehicles, find no damage to speak of, and go on with their merry way. That is a big mistake! Many injuries can remain “hidden”.

The concept of “No Property Damage = No Injury” is absolutely false!

In fact, researchers have specifically looked at this problem, and have found that there is no relationship at all between the amount of damage a car received in a crash and the amount of occupant injury. Studies have shown that you can suffer neck injuries from accidents that occurred as slow as 5 miles per hour (mph). While people can be injured at this low speed, other studies have shown that most cars will not necessarily be damaged unless the collision occurs at
speeds of 10 mph or higher.

Anyone involved in even the most minor traffic collision should be evaluated by a Doctor who specializes in the treatment for whiplash and  other auto accident injuries. Injuries following these accidents may not show up for weeks or even months and by then some of the damage sustained may be permanent.

It takes a trained St Paul MN Chiropractor to know what to look for.  Usually hospitals and MD’s will check vital  signs, make sure there are no life-threatening conditions and release the patient with pain relief medication. Pills do not correct the damage to soft tissues and other systems that can lead to future pain. There are special chiropractic treatments for such conditions. If you are  still having problems, you should see a chiropractor.