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Have you been searching for a way to reduce pain, stiffness, or have you been dealing with a nagging injury that just will not go away? You may have tried over the counter remedies or seen a traditional medical provider and just not been able to shake the lingering pain and discomfort. You may want to consider seeing a chiropractor. Chiropractic care provides a non-invasive, natural way to treat chronic pain symptoms, injuries, autoimmune disorders, headaches and more. Instead of relying on over-the-counter medications to mask the pain you are feeling, chiropractic adjustments can encourage your body to begin healing itself. Caron Chiropractic is a St. Paul Chiropractor clinic that offers an integrated approach to all of your needs.

Chiropractic Treatment Options in St. Paul, MN

We offer the following treatment options depending on your condition, your symptoms and your health history and goals for the future:

  • Spinal Adjustments: Spinal adjustments will realign the vertebrae in your back and neck which may be causing you significant pain and discomfort. This misalignment can happen as a result of a car accident, a fall, or other physical trauma that causes your neck and back to strain against each other. It is important to note that spinal adjustments should only be administered by chiropractic doctors like those at Caron Chiropractic.
  • Massage Therapy: Massage therapy is often used in conjunction with other chiropractic treatments to target specific areas of pain and discomfort.
  • Rehabilitation: We have a rehabilitation clinic onsite, and our team can provide you with safe exercises that you can complete at home to supplement the treatment you receive at our clinic.
  • Acupuncture: Acupuncture is painless and uses tiny needles inserted into specific points of the skin to promote your body’s healing and improve bodily function.
  • Laser Therapy: We can safely transmit low level laser light waves deeply into the skin and maximize the immune responses of our blood. This has both anti-inflammatory and immunosuppressive benefits for the body.
  • ArthroStim: ArthroStim treatment is an alternative to chiropractic adjustments that target specific areas of your body, rather than adjusting your entire body.

Trusted Chiropractor in St. Paul, MN

Ultimately, our goal is to develop a personalized treatment plan that will help you recover from an injury and/or reduce the pain, stiffness and discomfort that you are feeling. We can do this in our clinic, without having you rely on over-the-counter pain medications. If you are looking for a trusted Chiropractor in St. Paul, MN call Caron Chiropractic today at 651-255-9999.

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