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The warmer weather of spring and summer tends to make us feel good and ready for activity. Activities can range widely, of course, and in Minnesota they can include gardening and yard work to fishing, boating, running, softball, and walking in the neighborhood. Even for the best prepared people among us, increasing one’s activity level too quickly can result in stress on joints and strains of muscles and other soft tissue. Comprehensive chiropractic care in St Paul from Caron Chiropractic is perfect for helping you recover from the strains and injuries caused by increased activity this season.

The term ‘chiropractic care’ is actually very broad. At Caron Chiropractic, the term includes the mainstays of chiropractic treatment–spinal rehabilitation, massage, and acupuncture–and newer and more advanced treatments, such as laser therapy and Arthrostim. We can also provide custom orthotics for our clients whose chiropractic issues are caused or exacerbated by the way they walk, inappropriate footwear, or a combination of those factors. Very often, we use a combination of these treatment options to help our clients reduce pain, improve range of motion and feel better and stronger. A comprehensive approach is highly effective.

Benefits Of Multiple Chiropractic Approaches

Each of our clients comes to us with a unique set of issues. We understand that all of our clients’ needs are individual. However, the fact that there is some measure of overlap in the chiropractic issues they experience allow us to employ our expertise in a way that is both effective and individualized to the person. For example, the specific level of tension in one person’s shoulder and neck muscles will require a different approach when they receive massage therapy treatment.

Massage therapy remains one of the most important elements of chiropractic care. Massage therapy tends to be thought of as a means of achieving relaxation, and there is, of course, much truth in that statement. But relaxation, or a feeling of overall wellness, is the result of other, more scientific processes. Massaging sore muscles breaks up the buildup of lactic acid in muscle tissue. That waste product then gets released into the body’s blood system, where it is attacked by the immune system, which will strengthen the immune system in the process. The person whose immune system is jump started by massage feels a greater sense of well-being as a result of the complex chemical processes started by massage. In other words, massage works very well, but for reasons that are more complex than merely having someone else working out the kinks and helping you relax.

Strategies For Increasing Your Activity Level Safely

If you have been feeling the effects of increased activity, please contact us for a consultation and treatment. We can be reached at (651) 255-9999.

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