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Most of us have heard the song that goes, “The thigh bone’s connected to the hip bone…the hip bone’s connected to the….”. In addition to being a song that gets stuck in our head, it also helps kids (and some of us adults) understand human anatomy. The key component of that little song is that it speaks of the connections in the human body. However, many people tend to think of the parts of their bodies—especially when one or more develop problems—as distinct and separate from all others. Chiropractic care is based on the understanding that the complexity of the connections in our bodies requires creative thinking and extensive training when a problem arises and needs to be addressed.

For example, you may schedule a first appointment with Caron Chiropractic because you have been experiencing some lower back pain following a minor auto accident. In your first appointment with our staff, we will gather information from you about your general health, the nature of the accident, where specifically you are experiencing pain, and other information relevant to creating a treatment plan. Because auto accidents—even minor ones—can be a frightening experience, you may forget to mention that you had been experiencing periodic headaches for months prior to the accident.

Personalized Treatment Plan

To extend the example a bit further, next we will create a treatment plan that includes spinal rehabilitation, a term often used interchangeably with ‘chiropractic adjustment’ or ‘spinal adjustment.’ If your first experience with spinal rehabilitation goes well, and you report feeling immediate relief from the lower back pain that brought you into our office, we will take the next step. A follow-up visit is scheduled, and you report at that time that the headaches you had been experiencing have decreased in intensity or disappeared altogether. It is quite possible that your headaches have lessened because of the spinal rehabilitation we provided during your first visit, which is the result of how the body’s interdependent systems are connected.

Spinal rehabilitation is an excellent treatment for many issues, precisely because of its ability to have a positive impact on interconnected systems of the body. Addressing back pain following a car accident was the primary need for the appointment, but the balance that was restored to your body by means of spinal rehabilitation also had a positive impact on the headaches you had been experiencing.

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