hip-pain-after-a-fallAfter a fall, there are numerous things that can be giving you trouble. The sudden impact of a fall, big or small, has a tendency to throw your body quickly out of alignment. Among them, hip pain is both a common injury as well as a difficult one to recover from. At Caron Chiropractic, we want to help you with your hip pain after a fall. If you are in St. Paul, MN and searching for hip pain relief after a fall, Caron Chiropractic will take care of you.

In all honesty, the hip joint is more vulnerable and prone to injury than many other areas of the body. The injury ranges from broken or dislocated hips to a simple bruise on the hip bone. No matter how severe the injury may be, it’s important to seek treatment right away. Unfortunately, with a hip injury, the longer you go out of alignment, the more your body may compensate. Stiffness, swelling and constant pain might even begin to make a home in your hip. Therefore, if you have any hip pain at all after a fall, consider visiting our team of professionals here at Caron Chiropractic in St. Paul, MN.

Hip Pain Relief after a Fall

Many of our patients come in a couple of days after a fall stating that they didn’t actually have hip pain right away. This is a normal finding. Sometimes hip pain after a fall doesn’t even make itself known until the next day. At Caron Chiropractic, we will work with you depending on the nature and extent of your hip injury. We will examine your injuries and order x-rays if they are necessary. Often times chiropractic adjustments can be made to help improve your range of motion and circulation within your hips. This reduces the tension in both the muscles and nerves and allows your hips to heal quickly. Another treatment we utilize with hip pain after a fall is massage therapy. Alleviating tension in the muscular and nervous systems as well as improving circulation is a treatment goal that we always keep in mind.

By seeking early treatment with your hip pain after a fall, you can set yourself up for a quicker, more efficient recovery. If you are experiencing any hip pain after a fall, it’s important to come see us right away. For more information about hip pain after a fall or our services here at Caron Chiropractic in St. Paul, MN, give us a call today. Call and talk to one of our professionals today at (651) 255-9999.