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As we get older, we tend to experience a loss of flexibility and an increased tolerance for physical discomfort. It may be that these changes happen so gradually that we get used to them without realizing it. A certain degree of pain and discomfort slowly becomes our new normal. The team at Caron Chiropractic believes that it does not need to be that way.

Our lives are busy–in fact, they are arguably busier than they have ever been. A busy life is likely one major reason that so many people in our country accept changes to their flexibility, strength, stamina, and the amount of pain that they are willing to tolerate. Yes, there is a degree of nobility to soldiering through pain and accomplishing a lot while dealing with any measure of discomfort. But when we look more closely at that notion, it is easy to see the problems with that notion. Occasionally soldiering through situational pain is one thing, but many of us make a conscious choice to simply accept that pain is a normal and even necessary component of daily life.

Benefits of Chiropractic Adjustments to Reduce Pain

We disagree. For example, just take a look at the positive impact that a chiropractic adjustment can have on our quality of life. The chiropractic adjustment does more than simply realign the vertebrae of the spinal column. It certainly does that, but it is the additional effects of that action that begins the cascading of benefits for the person who experiences the adjustment that matters even more. Realigning the spine will, at a minimum, begin the process of reducing the pain you have been experiencing and will begin the healing process.

If you have suffered from muscle spasms in your back, chiropractic adjustment will allow the muscles that support the spine to operate more efficiently. They will be much less likely to seize up, resulting in back spasms. But if the pain you are experiencing is related to compression, herniation, or rupture of one or more disks in your spinal column, the realignment of your spine will reduce the pressure on the affected disks, also resulting in less severe pain.

Reach Your Optimal Health Without Pain Medicine

Realigning the spine also causes the body to release endorphins which create a feeling of improved wellness. Combined with the reduction, if not the immediate elimination of pain in your back, feeling better can provide you with the motivation to continue working with us to get you back to full health. You do not have to simply deal with pain and discomfort. Contact us by calling (651) 255-9999, and we will schedule an appointment with our staff as a first step toward reaching your optimal health.

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