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Caron Chiropractic has built its strong local reputation by helping clients regain mobility and flexibility and by reducing and/or eliminating pain and discomfort following an injury. Helping our clients regain their health after a car accident, a fall at work, or overusing a muscle group is what we do each and every day for our clients. In addition to helping our clients recover from injuries and the onset of other painful conditions, we also provide support in the area of injury prevention. One sometimes overlooked aspect of injury prevention is ergonomics.

What Is Ergonomics?

Ergonomics is the process of understanding and adjusting work environments to prevent or mitigate soft-tissue and skeletal problems that result from such things as sustained poor posture, repetitive actions, and being exposed to forces and vibrations from machines in the workplace. historically, our business and industrial settings give little to no thought to how machinery and even office furniture affected employees. In the middle part of the twentieth century, technological advances were made, but employees who created and worked with those technological advances were often an afterthought. The focus was generally on how the technological advancement would maximize output and contribute to the long-term success of the organization. As a result, employees often suffered.

Preventing Workplace Injuries

Over time, however, leadership of businesses and organizations have grown to understand that injuries to their employees created higher rates of turnover, which required spending money on hiring and training. This helped to create the ergonomics movement. Companies that invested in ergonomics found that employees could be retained, and workplace injury rates were reduced—reduced, but not eliminated. No workplace can be entirely free of conditions that cause muscular fatigue or injury, and the chiropractic profession found itself perfectly placed to help those people who were suffering with a variety of ailments and injuries as a result of substandard workplace ergonomics.

Non-Invasive Treatment For Workplace Injuries

The chiropractic treatments that we offer—spinal adjustment, massage therapy, laser therapy, Arthrostim, and acupuncture—are designed to help clients who are suffering with work-related injuries due to poor ergonomic conditions recover from their injuries. In addition to the direction provision of treatments, our knowledge of workplace ergonomics allows us to offer insights and recommendations about how to combat the conditions in the workplace so that the chances of injury recurrence is minimized, if not eliminated.

Given how much time we spend in our workplaces, they should not unduly contribute to long-term injury or discomfort. Caron Chiropractic can help you regain your health and prevent ergonomic problems at work from doing harm to you. Call us at (651) 255-9999 to schedule an appointment.

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