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Pregnancy is characterized by massive change to the lives and lifestyles (not to mention the bodies) of the women carrying their babies. Your physician, midwife, or doula will tell you that the changes you undergo when you are pregnant are almost always for the benefit of your baby. A pregnant woman very often experiences some measure of discomfort as a result of all of those physical changes. When you experience this pain or discomfort, it may be persistent and/or severe enough to want to seek help. You may be looking for a natural treatment that can reduce the pain and wonder if chiropractic care is safe when you are pregnant. The answer is yes–chiropractic care is safe for pregnant women. Caron Chiropractic specializes in offering safe and natural chiropractic treatment during and after pregnancy. Our staff are trained and experienced in the treatment of pregnant women and we offer care with the highest professional standards, backed up by the most up-to-date research and treatment methods.

Carrying a baby can place enormous stress on your spine, lower back muscles, leg muscles, and other parts of your body. Your growing baby can change your posture, your gate and make it difficult to feel comfortable. Our team will develop a treatment plan that is specific to you. In other words, we will work hard to understand the nature of your discomfort and will base our treatment recommendations on a combination of our professional knowledge, your specific symptoms and your personal preferences. In some cases, for example, the best treatment might be a combination of a chiropractic adjustment, acupuncture, and massage. In other cases, adjustment may be contraindicated, so we will focus on other treatment options.

Natural and Safe Treatment Options for Pregnant Women

The pain and discomfort that is often associated with pregnancy can be alleviated by natural treatment interventions that induce a feeling of relaxation and well-being. Of course, all chiropractic treatments have that potential, but not all are right for all of our pregnant clients. If, for example, you are carrying a big baby who is placing stress on your lower back and leg muscles, a gentle total-body massage may relax your muscles sufficiently to provide relief from that stress. One of the wonderful aspects of chiropractic care is that it can be modified, personalized, to meet the needs of almost any client. When practiced our staff at Caron Chiropractic, chiropractic care is an ideal treatment for pregnant women.

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