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Caron Chiropractic of St. Paul, Minnesota can help you find knee pain relief without surgery. One of fundamental principles of chiropractic care is that all aspects of the human body are interconnected. Knee pain, if left untreated, can lead to future problems in your hips or your lower back. In addition, if you have experienced lower back pain or you are recovering from an ankle injury or hip surgery, you could be also experiencing pain in your knees as a result.

Despite the success that chiropractic care can have in identifying the cause or causes of knee pain, and many other sources of pain, many people still opt for an over-the-counter medication or surgery to reduce their discomfort. Over-the-counter pain relievers may reduce your symptoms for a time, but without treating the underlying causes, the pain you are experiencing is likely to return in short order. Surgery is a major decision that can mean months of recovery, physical therapy and a significant financial burden without a guarantee of relief.

Addressing The Cause Of Your Knee Pain

Caron Chiropractic subscribes to the fundamental belief that identifying the root causes of physical pain and using proven, effective chiropractic treatment is the best way to regain full function, eliminate pain and lead and a higher quality of life. We do this by working closely with our clients to understand the nature of their pain. Knowing whether their pain is the result of an acute injury or a more chronic issue helps us to determine the best course of action. Regardless of whether your knee pain is acute or chronic in nature, some combination of our proven methods of treatment is likely to provide you with immediate relief and longer-term restoration of pain-free knees.

Non-invasive Knee Pain Treatment in St. Paul, MN

If your knee pain is due to your body’s compensation for spinal misalignment, our treatment plan would likely include (or perhaps even be based in) spinal rehabilitation. Realignment of your spine would place your entire physical structure in better balance, which could reduce pressure on your knee joints. Reduced pressure on your knee joints is likely to have a positive impact on your pain level too. To further reduce pressure on your knee joints, we may recommend acupuncture to reduce inflammation and optimize blood flow to your knee joints. With increased blood flow in your painful knees, the soft tissue that holds your joint together will function better, also giving you relief from the pain you have been experiencing. Massage of the muscle groups associated with our treatment can further reduce pain by maximizing the systems designed to help your knees operate as they were intended.

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