Laser Therapy Treatment St PaulCaron Chiropractic, LLP, offers a wide array of services to those in the St. Paul, MN area, to help alleviate your pain, address your chiropractic issues, and maximize your body’s alignment.  And chief among them is the offering of laser therapy to safely provide relief deep under the skin.

Fact vs Fiction:  Laser Therapy

Laser therapy is being used with increasing frequency by chiropractic practitioners, but because of its nature it is often misunderstood.  The kind of laser therapy offered by chiropractic offices, and Caron Chiropractic, LLP, specifically is completely safe.  For those of us whose understanding of laser technology amounts to weapons employed to kill James Bond, or those that cut metal in pieces in a matter of seconds, please understand that there are many types of lasers, and those used as therapeutic tools are one-hundred-percent safe.

The laser technology used by Caron Chiropractic operates in the red part of the light spectrum.  The light amplification is therefore from the coolest part of the temperature spectrum, is therefore not capable of damaging the sensitive tissue or organs of your body.  The technology that is used by Caron Chiropractic instead penetrates, painless and without injury, through the layers of skin, fat, and tissue and delivers pain-reduction by way of increasing oxygen and blood flow to affected areas.

Treating affected areas with laser therapy can have the following positive effects on patients:

  • Relief of both acute and chronic pain
  • Strengthens tissue by means of quicker healing
  • Increases blood supply to injured areas
  • Your immune system may be stimulated to fight infection more vigorously
  • Induces nerves to function more efficiently
  • Encourages the generation of new, healthy cells and tissue
  • Wounds are inclined to heal faster as a result of quicker clot formation
  • Inflammation reduction.

Laser Therapy As A Jump Start to Improved Health

Laser therapy need not be done constantly for its benefits to be lasting.  Periodic stimulation of tissue by means of laser therapy is likely all you would need to feel the positive, lasting effects of laser therapy.  In effect, laser therapy serves to jump-start our immune system, the production of healthy blood cells, and the maintenance of healthy tissue.  Once the “ignition” of these systems has taken place, the vehicle of your body is ready to roll.  It may be necessary to take advantage of laser therapy periodically, but that is simply the nature of maintaining a healthy balance of all our systems.  And Caron Chiropractic is uniquely qualified to help you with all of them.  Call Caron Chiropractic at 1-651-255-9999 to make an appointment.