Are you experiencing acute and chronic pain? Or need help to stimulate your immune system or nerve function? Laser Therapy could be the solution for you. Laser therapy is a practice that uses compressed light of a wavelength from the cold red part of the spectrum of electromagnetic radiation. The light helps the body’s cells and converts into chemical energy to promote natural healing. Laser therapy offers solution to many different issues which includes:

● Relieves acute and chronic pain
● Increases the speed, quality and tensile strength of tissue repair
● Increases blood supply
● Stimulates the immune system
● Stimulates nerve function
● Develops collagen and muscle tissue
● Helps generate new and healthy cells and tissue
● Promotes faster wound healing and clot formation
● Reduces inflammation

So what exactly is laser therapy?

Laser therapy is a medical treatments that uses focused light. Unlike light from a bulb, or natural light, laser light is tuned to specific wavelengths and allows the light to be focused into powerful beams. Laser light can be so intense, it is used to cut diamonds or steel. When used in medicine, light energy passes through the layers of skin and reaches the target area, it is absorbed and interacts with the cell. When cells absorb this light energy, it starts a series of events in the cell that eventually result in normalizing damaged or injured tissue, a reduction in pain, inflammation and overall increases metabolism, allowing for quicker results. In medicine laser therapy is used to help with pain, swelling, and scarring compared to traditional surgery which often is associated with more risks. Although laser therapy can look promising it may be necessary to have repeated treatments.

At Caron Chiropractic Clinic we offer Laser Therapy in St. Paul, Minnesota. We focus on each of our clients as individuals and make sure that we take a comprehensive approach to help our patients heal through whatever pain or ailment they may be experiencing. We use a modern approach on medicine instead of relying on drugs or surgery. Chiropractic health care helps restrain your body to take care of itself. If your bodily structure is unbalanced or is not straight and true, you may feel pain, become ill or tire more easily.

If you are looking for Laser Therapy in St. Paul, then look no further than Caron Chiropractic. We have a great team that has dedicated their life to help patients and we want to improve your well being and your health.