Natural Pain ReliefThere are so many people out there who suffer daily from pain and when they go to the doctor, they are usually given a prescription for pain medication and sent away. While pain medication might be necessary for short-term relief, it only creates more problems if used over a long period of time. Fortunately, holistic healthcare is readily available for St. Paul MN residents who need natural pain relief.  Chiropractic services from St. Paul leader, Caron Chiropractic Clinic can help you naturally deal with common pain relief from back pain, headaches and shoulder and neck pain.

Below are some of the most frequent types of common pain that we encounter at Caron Chiropractic:

Back pain

Back pain is the number one complaint to doctors across the globe. You can sneeze the wrong way and pull a muscle. Worse, you can lift something heavy and slip a disc. No matter the reason or cause for the back pain, back pain is debilitating and can change somebody’s life and lifestyle.


Headaches are another common complaint of pain in our office. People can suffer from headaches for many reasons. One big reason is stress, and the other being that their spine is out of alignment. Just like when your wheels go out of alignment on your car and wear your tires out on the outside edge, the same thing happens with people’s backs. If the back is not aligned, it throws the rest of the body off kilter and causes aches and pains in all different areas including the head. Chiropractic services offer a way to naturally deal with headaches that may not be responding to typical prescription medication from your primary care doctor.

Shoulder and Neck Pain

Shoulder and neck pain are also both a big complaint, which can be caused by poor back alignment and stress. Giving painkillers and muscle relaxers for these ailments only puts a temporary band-aid on the problem and as mentioned above, tend to cause more problems in the long run like drug addiction, side effects and dangerous drug interactions.

Holistic Healthcare in St. Paul

So what can someone do to find holistic healthcare in St. Paul? To find effective pain relief that provides immediate results, consideration should be given to utilizing Chiropractic services, acupuncture and massage therapy. Chiropractic adjustments and procedures offer immediate results and effective pain relief all done through holistic healthcare services. There will be no side effects or having to deal with withdrawals that can occur when using pain medications.

If you are suffering from any of the above ailments and are tired of going to the doctor and just being prescribed another prescription, give our St. Paul Chiropractic Clinic a call today at 651-255-9999 or send us an email at for more information.