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A personal injury can happen any time of the day or night. It can occur when you slip and fall in the kitchen, on a patch of ice at night when you walk the dog, or when you bump your head at work, get injured doing yard work, or sustain any other trauma to your body. A personal injury can really be anything – the thing to remember is that only you really know the extent of your personal injury until you seek care. Chiropractic care is very often ideal for a wide variety of personal injury treatment. Caron Chiropractic specializes in personal injury treatment, offering a combination of chiropractic adjustments and massage therapy to improve symptoms and treat the cause of the pain and discomfort.

Personal Injury Treatment in Minnesota

Personal injuries can occur virtually anywhere on your body and sometimes you may not remember exactly how the injury occurred, other times, you can remember the exact time it happened. There are also instances when you might have been injured and the pain and discomfort does not show itself for several days. The team at Caron Chiropractic is excellent at helping to diagnose and evaluate the personal injury and develop a personalized treatment plan that will address the issue, rather than just mask your symptoms.

Chiropractic adjustments are an excellent way to align your spine so that pressure is taken off other areas of your body. Very often, chiropractic adjustments can help back injuries, shoulders, neck and shoulder injuries and even injuries in your extremities. Our chiropractic adjustments will improve your overall range of motion and circulation, reduce tension in muscles and nerves, and help your body move the way it should. Combining chiropractic adjustments with massage therapy is an excellent approach for virtually all personal injuries that we see. The massage therapy reduces inflammation and relaxes tight muscles. These therapies help promote self-healing within your own body as well, without having to rely on pain medications and extended periods of time with chronic pain.

Chiropractic Care for Personal Injury Relief

Our natural pain relief alternatives will allow your body to heal more quickly, without side effects from medications. When you work with our team, you will feel your body becoming even stronger than it was before the injury. This strength will help prevent future injuries. If you have suffered recently from an injury of any kind, now is a great time to make an appointment with our team. Call us at 651-255-9999 to speak with a member of our team.

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