New Year Resolutions For 2013

Did you know that the # 1 New Year’s Resolution is to get fit or lose weight?

With New Year fast approaching, millions of Americans make Healthy New Year Resolutions, from improving health to spending more time with friends and family. The most popular New Year resolutions are to lose weight and get fit.

To achieve or maintain a healthy weight, we all know it’s important to make wise decisions about eating and physical activity every day. It sounds simple enough, but in today’s hectic world too many people see their best intentions lose out to other daily demands. We encourage you to make realistic small lifestyle changes that fit into your busy lifestyle.

New Year’s Resolutions Can Work

Each January, we turn our thoughts to self-improvement and the annual ritual of making resolutions in an attempt to start afresh and turn over a new leaf. After a season of way too many cookies, candies and holiday parties, it’s only natural that a vow to lose weight and get fit would follow. The problem is most people start out with good intentions by joining a fitness center or trying the latest fad diet, only to fail and give up by February 1st! According to Proactive Change, less than 50% of us keep our resolutions past the first month.

A study at the University of Hertfordshire showed that the people most successful at keeping their New Year’s Resolutions did at least three of the following things:

* Broke their goal into smaller steps

* Rewarded themselves when they achieved one of these

* Told their friends about their goals

* Focused on the benefits of success

* Kept a diary of their progress.

So, Dear Readers, are you making any New Year’s Resolutions for 2013? Check out New Year’s Resolutions Can Work!

Make 2013 Your Healthiest Year Yet!

Commit to making 2013 your healthiest year yet!  Jump start a healthy lifestyle with good nutrition and physical activity!

The key is to find the right exercise for you. If it is fun, you are more likely to stay motivated. It helps to have a goal and stick to it! And remember… You use it or lose it! It’s a fact. Maintain your vigor and the quality of your life by keeping active!

You don’t have to go it alone. Grab a friend and make it a group effort. You may want to walk with a friend, join a Yoga, or Pilates class or plan a group bike ride. The more the merrier! If you’ve been inactive for awhile, use a sensible approach and start out slowly to prevent injury.

Have a healthy and happy 2013!

Maybe you have already given some thought to what you would like to accomplish or change in 2013.  Your St Paul MN Chiropractor is an excellent source for guiding you on a healthy lifestyle. They can offer advice on the right exercises to start for your current fitness level, diet, rest and perform chiropractic adjustments for optimum health.

Don’t become a statistic… make 2013 the healthiest, fittest, and most successful year yet!!! Have a healthy and happy 2013!