ArthroStim Treatment

The ArthroStim™ is an FDA approved instrument developed by IMPAC technology in Oregon. For over 22 years it has been continuously refined and perfected. It introduces energy/force/information to the body to realign segments and remove nerve pressure at a speed of 12 “taps” per second (12 hertz); it is a fast, accurate, low force and controlled adjustment.

The ArthroStim™ allows our North Oaks chiropractors to give patients a very specific adjustment, an adjustment in which only the segment that is out of position is adjusted. These adjustments do not involve any twisting, turning, or “cracking” of joints. This technique also allows adjustments to be performed in different postures.

This is very important because there are occasions when problems can only be reproduced in a certain position. For example, a driver in a car accident (sitting) may not reveal their spinal damage or subluxations when standing; therefore they must be analyzed and corrected in the seated position. This is especially noticeable with people who suffer pain, neurological problems, TMJ and other conditions.

Being able to adjust patients in the standing position has the added benefit of working with gravity. We don’t have to say, “OK, please stand up and see how you feel” because the patient is already standing. Their body can process the adjustment or correction immediately.

Most people report a feeling of ease, relaxation and well-being as their structural nerve stress (subluxations) release/diminish. Some people feel very relaxed and they should listen to their body and go home and sleep if they are able.

Some patients liken the feeling they have the next day to the feeling the get as if they’ve had a good workout, often in places they never knew they had. This is usually felt only after the first adjustment, is temporary and usually disappears within a short time.