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Have you recently begun to experience numbness in your hands? Hand numbness often occurs because of damage, irritation or compression to the nerves of your arm, wrist or hand. Numbness in hands can also occur as a symptom of various diseases, such as diabetes. At Caron Chiropractic in St. Paul, MN, we are a holistic medical office that can help you manage the numbness in your hands. The last thing that you should do is ignore these symptoms. Instead, set up an evaluation with our committed team of medical professionals.

The numbness in your hands will not get better until you decide on seeking medical care. At Caron Chiropractic, all we need for you to do is pick up the phone to schedule an initial evaluation with our staff and we will handle the rest. Once the visit is on the schedule and this first step towards relief is complete, we’ll work to determine what may be causing the numbness in your hands. Once that is figured out, we’ll work to create a customized medical treatment plan focused on helping you achieve natural relief from this numbness.

Relief From Numbness

One of the key holistic medical treatment options that we offer at Caron Chiropractic is massage therapy. This is more than just a way to relax and get massaged. Our certified massage therapists will use a wide variety of massages that will focus on the areas of your wrists and hands where the numbness exists. This therapy will help reduce the tension, reduce the numbness and can even provide you with natural pain relief as well. Getting on a regular massage therapy treatment plan will ensure that the numbness of your hands is regularly monitored.

Numbness in My Hands

You don’t have to live the rest of your life dealing with numbness in your hands. As long as you take the proactive step to seek medical treatment, you’ll be able to get back to living your life where the numbness in your hands is drastically reduced, if not gone entirely. At Caron Chiropractic, we will do everything in our power to ensure that you experience relief from this frustrating situation.

If you are dealing with numbness in your hands, there are natural treatment options available to you that can limit this pain. Serving St. Paul, MN, team up with Caron Chiropractic today by calling (651) 255-9999 or email We’re eager to get your initial evaluation on the books so we can start the journey with you towards life without this numbness in your hands.

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