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Auto Accident Recovery in St. Paul MN

Auto Accident Recovery in St. Paul MNAt Caron Chiropractic, we are a place of healing. We don’t work to mask symptoms or depress the root of the problem. We understand that after an auto accident, the recovery process may seem extremely difficult. Some people even believe that it’s impossible to recover. Any auto accident can cause both mental and physical trauma. If gone untreated, the long-term effects can be severe. At Caron Chiropractic, we want to help. We offer versatile, simple, all-natural treatment plans for your auto injury. If you’ve been in an auto accident around St. Paul, MN, let Caron Chiropractic help you recover and get on the right path back to wellness.

All too often, people rely on strong, sedative pain medication, anti-inflammatories, muscle relaxers and even invasive surgery to fix the problems that an auto accident has damaged. Our modern medical world is so quick to throw invasive measures out that can cause real damage in the long run without actually helping to heal the problem
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Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Treatment

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome TreatmentThe many advancements that we have witnessed in technology, education, communication, and transportation have ushered in significant changes to our workplaces as far back as the 1970s. Certainly over the past two decades, advancements in the workplace have made things safer and more convenient. Many of us now have the ability to work in comfort without having to move more than a few feet to change tasks. Of course, all work environments pose health challenges, and one consequence of our convenient workplace is that we may become too sedentary. 2020 paved the way for working from home on your computer. And while we have the ability to talk into our phones and have the phone type for us, it has yet to be used for replacing the typing we do day in and day out on or computers.
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Low Back Pain

Low Back PainOne of the most common, effective and well-known chiropractic treatments is the spinal adjustment for low back pain. Keep in mind that treatment of low back pain is such a large part of chiropractic care is not so much a statement about the limitations of chiropractic offices, but about the prevalence of low back pain in our society. Common causes of lower back pain include poor posture, improper lifting technique, lack of exercise, arthritis or a pre-existing injury. It is certainly possible the development of our modern lifestyle has placed undue strain on the structures of the low back, and our bodies simply have not caught up to those demands.

Whatever the cause of our problems with low back pain, there is little doubt that chiropractic care, like that practiced by Caron Chiropractic, is leading the way toward finding more
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Fibromyalgia Treatment

Fibromyalgia TreatmentBecause the specific causes of fibromyalgia are still unknown, many people who suffer with its symptoms do not have a name to call it. Without this name, many suffer without seeking help beyond the point of being told that since it does not have a name and/or a specific cause, there is really no way to treat it. Caron Chiropractic, however, approaches symptoms associated with fibromyalgia differently.

Our staff always starts by acknowledging the mysterious nature of fibromyalgia, but also by acknowledging that it can be an intensely uncomfortable experience for those
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Utilizing ArthroStim Treatments

Utilizing ArthroStim TreatmentsAt Caron Chiropractic, we believe that chiropractic care is an important aspect of caring for your spinal problems. We aim to provide an integrative approach to all of your therapy needs. This is the main reason our office is proud to provide ArthroStim treatment. Known as a supplement to traditional chiropractic spinal adjustments, we utilize the ArthroStim
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Sports Injuries

Sports InjuriesMany who live in Minnesota tend to be very active. Our state is ideally suited to both indoor and outdoor activities, and many of our fellow Minnesotans engage in activities throughout the year. Whether fishing from a boat in the summer or through the ice in winter, going for a run on a trail, or playing pick-up basketball or organized hockey, the number of activities in which our residents can engage is almost too big to count. We recommend that people be as active as they can be, of course, because activity is associated with better health and longevity. Activity, however, can sometimes lead to injuries. If you have suffered an injury while playing your favorite sport, Caron Chiropractic can help you get back into action as soon as possible.
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Natural Headache Relief in St. Paul, MN

Chiropractic Care for HeadachesAre your regular headaches keeping you from doing things that you enjoy? Are you having to back out of activities around St. Paul, MN because your headaches are becoming too hard to manage? Studies have shown that more than 45 million Americans struggle with headaches each year. This is exactly why our team at Caron Chiropractic has placed such a strong emphasis on providing our clients with natural headache relief options.

Dealing with chronic headaches and migraines can be overwhelming to try and manage. While headache relief medication will provide you temporary relief
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Reduce Your Stress With Massage Therapy

Reduce Your Stress With Massage TherapyWe are living through an extraordinarily stressful time. For many people, the holidays represent pain, sadness, and difficult family relationships. Coming out of the holiday season can actually be a relief for many. But in these unique times, that relief may go unfulfilled. Whether you are affected by holiday stress, job stress, pandemic stress, stress related to health conditions, or various other kinds of stress, it may feel like there is no end to the stress life is handing to you. We have one suggestion that could have a positive impact on your stress level – schedule a visit with a massage therapist at Caron Chiropractic for massage therapy.
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Importance of Ergonomics For Workplace Injury Prevention

Importance of Ergonomics for Workplace Injury PreventionCaron Chiropractic has built its strong local reputation by helping clients regain mobility and flexibility and by reducing and/or eliminating pain and discomfort following an injury. Helping our clients regain their health after a car accident, a fall at work, or overusing a muscle group is what we do each and every day for our clients. In addition to helping our
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Acupuncture Relief in St. Paul, MN

Acupuncture Relief in St. Paul, MNOne of the oldest medical treatment options around is acupuncture. This type of natural medical treatment has been around for over 4,000 years and was introduced by the Chinese during that time. With more people looking to find ways to achieve pain relief naturally, acupuncture has become a very popular medical treatment option for individuals across the country. If you are in the St. Paul, MN area, are dealing with an injury and are interested in trying an acupuncture treatment, there’s no better team in the area to provide you with this holistic option than Caron Chiropractic.
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