Martin Caron, D.C.

Dr. Martin Caron, D.C.Doctor Marty Caron is one of the founding partners of Caron Chiropractic Clinic. In 1992 when he and his brother started practice together their vision was to create a trustworthy, healing, and joyful practice that would provide a place patients could receive high quality chiropractic/natural care, as well as feel safe and comfortable.

A lifetime resident of St. Paul, Minnesota, Dr. Marty and his spouse raised three boys here and value the twin cities community as a place where they feel close to family and enjoy a rich experience of culture and diversity. “I try not to take for granted how much I have received from this community”, says Dr. Caron, “and how much I value caring for those who have given so much to me.”

As a chiropractor, Dr. Marty sees the responsibility of helping his patients with their health as a privilege. He works with patients of all ages, but has developed a focused interest in children, athletes (particularly, distance athletes such as runners, bikers and triathletes) and chronic/difficult pain such as fibromyalgia. He believes trauma plays a role in many of his patients’ pain syndromes and has developed many approaches to the treatment of injuries from sports, falls, and various forms of whiplash.


1991: Doctor of Chiropractic
Northwestern College of Chiropractic
Bloomington, Minnesota
1987: Bachelor of Science
University of Minnesota
Minneapolis, Minnesota

Awards and Acknowledgements

2017-2021 Clinic of Excellence, Chirocare/Fulcrum Health
2009 Best Practices in Chiropractic Academy Certificate
2003 Chiropractor of the Year
Minnesota Chiropractic Association
2000 President’s Award for Outstanding Contribution
Minnesota Chiropractic Association
1996 Young Practitioner of the Year
Minnesota Chiropractic Association

Hobbies and Interests