Physical Therapy Treatment St Paul, MNYou don’t realize how much you use certain parts of the body until are regularly dealing with pain. For many individuals struggling with pain, the first thing they resort to is pain medication. While this can provide temporary pain relief, it does not attack the root of your issues. Once the medication wears off, you are right back where you started.If you are ready to seek natural therapy to help with the pain you are experiencing, physical therapy treatments may be just what you need.For those in the St Paul, South St Paul and Highland Park, our team at Caron Chiropractic is eager to apply our proven physical therapy treatment methods so that you can achieve pain relief once and for all.

Proven Experience

Over the last 25 years that our team at Caron Chiropractic has been around, there have been plenty of other practices that have only been able to survive for brief stints. While our team of medical professionals do not take our experience for granted, we do feel that we’ve been able to survive the last few decades thanks to our commitment to the optimal health of our patients. Our physical therapy treatment methods are custom designed to fit each patient’s every need so that they can get back to living a healthy lifestyle in the near future.

High Quality Treatment Methods

By giving physical therapy a try, our therapists will work diligently to strengthen the affected part of the body, improve your range of motion and limit pain. By choosing our team at Caron Chiropractic, you can bet that you’ll get to take advantage of the best treatment methods available. All physical therapy treatment plans are different because no patient is the same. We take the time to create a custom plan centered around our high quality treatment methods. Some of the common treatment methods that we regularly provide our patients include:

● Trigger Point Therapy with Myofascial Release
● Training of Posture
● Manual Therapy
● Post-Operative Rehabilitation
● Cold Laser Therapy
● At Home Exercise Plans
● Training around Flexibility, Strengthening & Mobility
● Joint Mobilization

So, if you are struggling with regular pain in your body and you are sick of only experiencing temporary relief with pain medication, it is time for a change. At Caron Chiropractic, we take pride in offering physical therapy treatment methods that tackle the root of your pain. If you are in St Paul, South St Paul or Highland Park area, give our team a call today at (651) 255-9999 to make an appointment.