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It seems that most of us are living with a higher and more sustained degree of stress than ever before. External factors–such as the economy, inflation, and let us not forget that we are still technically in a pandemic–conspire to make our stress persistent. Over time, the stress we experience externally can become internalized, where it can wreak havoc on our overall health. And those things do not even address the added stress of the holidays. Caron Chiropractic can help you respond in a more healthy way to life’s constant and periodic stresses.

Achieve And Maintain Overall Wellness

If you have not visited us before, you may be interested to know that the ultimate goal of our services is to help our clients achieve and maintain wellness. Chiropractic care is an ideal way to do this, and within the larger category of chiropractic care, there are numerous specific treatments that can help you achieve and maintain wellness. Chiropractic adjustments are the best known treatment in chiropractic care. It involves realigning the vertebrae of the spine by means of specific movements of the body, conducted by a trained and certified chiropractor. Realigning the spine restores the spine’s most healthy positioning. That, in turn, relieves pressure on the muscle groups that support the spinal column. Patients who receive chiropractic adjustment for general wellness–as opposed to receiving it in response to an injury or discomfort–almost always report a greater feeling of wellness.

Wellness can be enhanced by adding massage therapy to the treatment plan. The muscles that support the spinal column can cause pain because of fatigue and/or overuse. Massage therapy is a process of working the muscle deeply, which breaks up lactic acid. When lactic acid is broken up, it enters the bloodstream, where it is attacked by your body’s stimulated immune system. The resulting feeling is one of increased wellness.

Experienced Chiropractor In St Paul MN

Another staple of the chiropractic treatment options list is acupuncture. Despite becoming a more familiar part of wellness care, there are still misconceptions about acupuncture, perhaps because so many of us have a fear of needles. Chiropractic needles, however, are so fine that most people cannot even feel them as they enter the skin. The practice of acupuncture causes the body’s natural healing systems to work more energetically, thus adding to that feeling of greater wellness chiropractic care endeavors to achieve.

You do not need to be injured to enjoy the benefits of chiropractic care. It is an ideal treatment of stress, and these days that may be more important than ever. Call us at (651) 255-9999 to schedule an appointment with our team.

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