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We are living through an extraordinarily stressful time. For many people, the holidays represent pain, sadness, and difficult family relationships. Coming out of the holiday season can actually be a relief for many. But in these unique times, that relief may go unfulfilled. Whether you are affected by holiday stress, job stress, pandemic stress, stress related to health conditions, or various other kinds of stress, it may feel like there is no end to the stress life is handing to you. We have one suggestion that could have a positive impact on your stress level – schedule a visit with a massage therapist at Caron Chiropractic for massage therapy.

Short Term And Long Term Effects of Massage Therapy

The benefits of massage therapy go beyond the immediate relief provided by the release of tension in your muscles. There is no doubt that massage therapy performs that immediate function, but what many people do not realize is that massage therapy has longer lasting effects as well. Even in the best of times, your muscles and other soft tissue are at work to help you maintain good posture and support the structure of your body. They are therefore under constant stress. And muscles that are under constant stress require relief periodically so that they can continue to function properly.

Massage therapy, when applied by qualified massage therapists, breaks up the waste material that naturally builds up in muscle tissue over time. The gentle and firm manipulation of your muscles provides the immediate relief and relaxation as mentioned above, but in addition to that immediate relief, there are other complex processes that also occur. The waste material that builds up in muscle tissue is released into the body with the actions associated with massage. Your body recognizes it as invasive and responds by stimulating your immune system. By attacking the material that has been released from your muscle tissue, your immune system becomes stronger and you become healthier.

Reduce Your Stress And Boost Your Immune System

When seen in that light, the immediate relief you feel from a good massage can be viewed as a welcome end result, rather than as the sum total of the benefits of massage therapy. Not only does massage therapy provide a boost for your immune system, but it also offers you a greater sense of overall well-being. And given that a positive attitude is necessary for a productive and positive response to stress, massage therapy may represent an important component in your response to the unique combination of stress that you experience.

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