Safely Resume Physical Activity Have you recently become more active, picked up a racket for the first time in years or started playing a new sport? Maybe you were active when you were younger and played many different sports but slowed down as you got older, and it’s been a while since you have participated in a team or individual sports activity. Or maybe you are reluctant to get back out there because of nagging pain, stiffness or discomfort. We often think that our bodies have not changed much over time, even when the evidence may prove differently. Picking up a new sport like tennis, pickleball, basketball, soccer, running, or lifting weights after many years off can be invigorating, exciting and, also, well, painful. You may find yourself sorer even after participating in a new activity, even if it is low impact. You use different muscles, and your body has to get used to the new activity and your body may have trouble adapting to the newfound movement.

Benefits Of Chiropractic Treatments For Sports Injuries

It is very common for our team to see a former athlete need chiropractic treatment after taking several years off and then re-starting a training program. In fact, we often recommend that you proactively seek chiropractic treatment as you begin a new regimen, if possible, to prevent injury, soreness or discomfort. Chiropractic adjustments and massage therapy are excellent treatments for athletes who are looking to improve their body’s ability to recover from activity, stay flexible and reduce inflammation and pain.

Here are just a few of the many benefits of chiropractic treatment:

● Reduce pain and discomfort without having to rely on over the counter or prescription pain medications
● Treat the issue at its source without just masking over the pain
● Promote your body’s self-healing mechanisms
● Relieve a wide variety of issues including back pain, headaches, neck pain, muscle aches, and arthritis
● Improve flexibility and range of motion
● Prevent future injury

St Paul Minnesota Chiropractor

Caron Chiropractic can help you get back to the activities that you love – at any age. Our team works hard to get to know our clients and tailor a treatment plan to meet your unique needs. Very often, we recommend chiropractic and massage therapy together as they can provide the treatment you need while promoting healing from within. Many of our clients find that they are able to resume activities that you may have thought your body would not be able to do again. For more information about our chiropractic care, give us a call at 655-255-9999.