Simple Self-Care Ideas To Take Into The New YearNew year’s resolutions can come and go so why not think of some smaller and simple changes that can improve your day-to-day life. Self-care is something that can easily be forgotten during the holidays and our busy schedules. Instead of big resolutions, we have gathered some simple changes you can make in the coming year that will contribute to a healthier and happier new year:

Take time to reflect on the past year: Before you close the chapter on the past year, it is always good to look back and reflect. Consider any resolutions you have made in the past and ask yourself if you were able to achieve them or not and what might have gotten in the way. This exercise will allow you to think more clearly about the year ahead.

Set goals not resolutions: It is difficult to have milestones in your big, lofty New Year’s Resolution, so we advise instead setting goals for the new year. Maybe you want to get more exercise, so set a goal for a number of times to be active each week. You will be more successful and have a better chance of reaching and keeping these goals.

Limit screen time: Screens are impossible to get rid of but try limiting your screen time to enjoy other activities. This can be plugging in your phone in the kitchen before bed rather than sleeping with it beside you or turning off the TV during a family dinner. Small changes can make dramatic differences for your connection with others.

Listen to your body: As your body ages, you may notice changes. Decreased mobility, some stiffness, or soreness. Your body may need more movement, more water, more sleep or more rest. Listening to your body can allow you to choose goals that make sense and will make you feel better.
Make a commitment to your health: Your health is very important and every small change that you can make toward a healthier lifestyle makes a big difference. Self-care and health are very connected, and it does not take much to make a commitment to your health. Adding in an extra walk each week, and extra glass of water a day or keeping your health appointments can be a huge step for many.

Improve Your Health This Year With Chiropractic Care

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