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Winter is the time of year most of us in Minnesota think of slip and fall accidents, but it is certainly not the only time of year when slip and fall accidents can happen. Slip and fall accidents can happen outside, while shoveling the driveway or hitting a patch of ice on a sidewalk. You can also slip and fall inside as well – like after stepping into spilled water on your kitchen floor or a freshly waxed floor at work.

It is important to realize that slip and fall accidents can happen to anyone at any time and in virtually any location. The results of slip and fall accidents can also vary widely, but seldom do they result in the person who has slipped and fallen getting up without some kind of injury. Caron Chiropractic is an excellent source of pain relief and healing from slip and fall injuries. Slip and fall accidents can lead to many different kinds of injuries, including the following:

Types of Slip and Fall Injuries

● Blunt-force injuries, or impact injuries. Falling and landing on one’s backside, for example, can cause bruising that is felt immediately. It can also cause spinal misalignment, which may at first be dismissed for being associated with the immediate pain of landing.

● Chiropractic injuries. Slipping and falling can create force of impact that causes the spine to become misaligned. Caron Chiropractic will work with you to determine the severity of the injury and recommend a chiropractic treatment response that will get you back to full health. Treatment options include spinal rehabilitation (also known as chiropractic adjustments), massage therapy, and acupuncture. Your specific circumstances will help us determine the exact right combination of treatment options to use. In addition, Caron Chiropractic also offers laser therapy, craniosacral therapy, and Arthrostim.

● Soft-tissue injuries. Not all slip and fall accidents result in impact injuries. Many people actually report averting impact by somehow saving themselves from a hard landing, but then report pain from slipping and twisting that was required to avoid falling. The number and kind of soft-tissue injuries is nearly limitless, but common ones include sprains to joints, severely strained muscles, and injuries to ligaments and tendons.

Chiropractic Care after a Slip and Fall Injury

In all slip and fall accidents, Caron Chiropractic is equipped to get you back to full health. If you have slipped and fallen and are dealing with the results of that accident, call us at (651) 255-9999 and we will be happy to schedule an appointment for you.

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