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When we are young and learning to walk, falling down is a normal part of life.  But as we get older, we have learned to walk with greater success, making falls much more uncommon.  As experienced walkers, we make the assumption that all of our attempts to transport ourselves from one location to another will be successful.  That makes the surprise of a fall so jarring that it can actually be potentially dangerous.  We do not expect to slip and fall, so we are unlikely to have prepared for the possibility, which can make the results of slipping and falling more problematic. We work to correct your body’s alignment because doing so helps your body heal itself.  Slip-and-fall injuries tend to occur to the physical body but can have a real impact on your nervous system as well.

Chiropractic Treatment for Slips and Falls?

Chiropractic healthcare, focusing as it does on the various physical alignments of the body and its interaction with the nervous system, is therefore uniquely able to encourage your body to recover after you have slipped and fallen. Falls that result in injury can often be treated with the kind of chiropractic treatment that has established our professional reputation: the spinal adjustment. Our adjustments offer a safe and effective alleviation of pain by increasing the range of motion and the body’s ability to heal.

Your fall might have resulted in a different kind of injury, or combination of injuries, requiring a more detailed treatment plan. For instance, if you suffered muscle damage as a result of the impact of your fall, massage therapy may help to quicken the healing process. When you come to Caron Chiropractic Clinic in St. Paul, we will identify all aspects of your injury and offer a treatment plan that is suitable to your unique circumstances.

Recovering from a Slip and Fall Injury

As essential as our professional expertise is to providing you with the care needed to recover from a painful fall, our capacity to listen and respond to you is equally important in designing the treatment plan that is right for you.  Every one of our clients is different, and every slip-and-fall accident will manifest with at least slight differences.  Our commitment to understanding how your fall has affected you does a great deal to provide you with confidence in our ability to help you.  We do not treat you as commodities, but as equal partners in your own healing.  To schedule an appointment call us today at (651) 255-9999.

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