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Are you or a loved one experiencing chronic back pain? Chiropractic care is an effective nonsurgical treatment to alleviate pain in the back and other parts of the body. One common cause of chronic back pain is an injury to the spinal cord.

The spinal cord can be injured in several ways. The most common spinal cord injuries are a result of blunt force trauma. Trauma occurs during a car crash or other accident where the body is forced into multiple and unnatural movements due to an exterior force. Other common causes are falls and slips around the house or while playing sports.

Spinal Cord Injuries Have Many Causes

Spinal cord injuries can be from nontraumatic causes as well. Tumors, blood loss, disease, and abnormal narrowing in a blood vessel or organ—known as stenosis—can also cause injury to the spinal cord. Although these nontraumatic causes are much less prevalent, they are still treatable with the proper chiropractic care.

Many times, spinal cord injuries result in ongoing chronic pain that persists well beyond the time following the injury itself. This can be frustrating for those who suffer from a spinal cord injury, because their condition does not warrant or respond to typical pain management techniques, such as traditional medication or surgery.

Spinal Cord Rehabilitation in St. Paul MN

Depending on the cause and severity of a spinal cord injury, different treatments will be necessary in order for a patient to regain function lost due to the injury. An experienced and trusted chiropractic care center like Caron Chiropractic offers a variety of spinal rehabilitation treatments.

Treatments for spinal cord injuries often include a combination of spinal adjustments, massage therapy, exercise regiments, and a change in daily activities to allow for greater healing of the spinal cord. This mix of treatments addresses the underlying causes of a patient’s symptoms, which is often inflammation and muscle tension.

Proper treatment for spinal cord injury begins with the correct diagnosis. The friendly and knowledgeable doctors at Caron Chiropractic start with a physical exam, along with other tests, while also getting a clear understanding of a patient’s medical history.

Spinal Rehabilitation is just one of many treatments offered by Caron Chiropractic. Call Caron Chiropractic at (651) 255-9999 or use the online appointment scheduler to book your consultation and get on your road to recovery.

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