Sports InjuriesMany who live in Minnesota tend to be very active. Our state is ideally suited to both indoor and outdoor activities, and many of our fellow Minnesotans engage in activities throughout the year. Whether fishing from a boat in the summer or through the ice in winter, going for a run on a trail, or playing pick-up basketball or organized hockey, the number of activities in which our residents can engage is almost too big to count. We recommend that people be as active as they can be, of course, because activity is associated with better health and longevity. Activity, however, can sometimes lead to injuries. If you have suffered an injury while playing your favorite sport, Caron Chiropractic can help you get back into action as soon as possible.

Chiropractic Treatment For Sports Related Injuries

Our staff can treat all types of sports-related injuries, from acute injuries caused by impact in hockey or rugby to repetitive motion injuries associated with sports like tennis and golf. The versatility of chiropractic care, combined with our staff’s depth of experience and expertise, allows us to give your injury the specific attention it needs. Chiropractic care is as versatile as other forms of medical care because it not only involves knowledge of the body’s many systems from a medical perspective, but also a problem solving mentality that encourages treating every patient as an individual.

Treat the Root Cause Of Your Sports Injury

Chiropractic seeks to understand the nature of the sports injury you are dealing with and getting to the cause of the issue rather than masking your pain with medications from the local pharmacy. Let us look at two extremes on the injury spectrum—a shoulder injury suffered in a hockey game and tendinitis in the elbow of a tennis player. The hockey player’s injury likely occurred from impact with another player or the boards of the rink. There could be soft-tissue damage in the shoulder joint and muscle pain in and around the shoulder. Conversely, the tennis player’s pain, caused by the combination of twisting the arm while making impact with the tennis ball, can be equally painful. The two injuries may require similar treatment, but both must be thoroughly examined before an individual treatment plan is designed.

Caron Chiropractic understands that every patient we see is different than every other, and we have the treatment options (spinal rehabilitation, acupuncture, massage, Arthrostim, and laser therapy) to address virtually every sports-related injury. Call us (651) 255-9999 if you are looking for help recovering from a recent sports injury.